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A Coffee Kind Of Day

7 Feb

Some days it seems like I am in a coffee drinking contest. Today is one of those days.

Cup 1:
photo 103

Cup 2:photo 104

Cup 3:

photo (100)

Large DD coffee with light cream and light sugar~ 4 points plus.

We could go on like this all day….

I will blame it on the weather. When it is cold and rainy outside some people eat soup. I drink coffee. Is it  time to switch to water when your pee smells like coffee? I am just throwing that out there. It might be too much.

photo 106

I have actually eaten today.  A rather tasty breakfast I might add. It was a warm and cozy meal to start off a rainy day.
photo 107One egg ~ 2 points plus, 3 sausage links ( there could have been one eaten in the making of this photo)~3 points plus, English muffin~ 3 points plus, and an apple. 

Total Points: 8 points plus

I dressed in my running gear today hoping if the weather broke this morning I could quickly squeeze in my run. Do you ever go ahead and get dressed to work out hoping you can fit it in? I have to say wearing capris all day is dazzlingly comfortable if not fashion forward.

Now that ZB is home from preschool my outdoor running window has closed. Looks like I have a date with the treadmill this evening. I don’t really like running on treadmills.  I know they are a godsend for some people but they make me hurt. I think the side to side movement of the belt aggravates my knees and hips.  A girl has do what a girl has to do sometimes.

I had my usual salad for lunch~6 points plus and I have officially switched to water for the remainder of the day.

The rain has inspired me to use some lentils I have had in the pantry for sometime.

photo 101I threw them in the slow cooker with some seasonings, other veggies, and  diced ham. The entire meal will be less than $5 and by the looks of the slow cooker we will be eating on this for days.
photo 102

My house is smelling great and I am ready to tackle a to do list that has gotten out of control.

I hope this rain clears out soon. I have my first race of the year this Saturday and I am not really pumped about running in the rain.

Do you have a go to food when it is raining? What makes you feel cozy on days like today?


From Cuba with Love

29 Jan

I love the calm a slow cooker meal brings to meal time for me. There is not frantic cooking as I try to get dinner on the table before someone has to be somewhere. No, it was easy because the pork had been simmering away all day making my house smell great. I mean it smells so great that if someone were to stop by they would be impressed by my domestic prowess by the sheer aroma. They would forget the mess, overlook the laundry, and dismiss the clutter and think, “this gal knows what she is doing”.

Tonight’s meal was a home run in that everyone in the family liked it. Success! I have used the Slow Cooker Pernil before and it is always tasty. Tonight I adjusted the recipe for the ingredients I had on hand and it was still good.

I made rice, guacamole, and roasted sweet potatoes for the sides. I had originality planned to make soft tacos but I realized too late that we were out of tortillas. So, I made some rice and decided to serve it over the rice.

I cubed two large sweet potatoes and tossed them in one Tb of olive oil. I added 1/4 t of cinnamon and nutmeg. Salt and pepper to taste.
photo (31)

I placed them in a pan and roasted them for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. They were soft and sweet and yummy. I didn’t think they needed any brown sugar but if you wanted a sweet treat you could definitely sprinkle some sugar on top. The nutmeg and cinnamon made a good flavor match to the heavy cumin in the pork.
photo (30)

photo (32)I always feel so fancy when I use whole nutmeg and grate into my recipes. It does taste so much better than the dried spice.

photo (29)

I shredded the pork using two forks directly in my slow cooker.

photo (27) photo (25)


Pernil pork~4 points, homemade guacamole~3 points plus, 1/2 cup of roasted sweet potatoes~2 points plus.

I opted out of the rice and just stuck to the pork, guacamole  and potatoes. I added a few extra tomatoes slices to the top of my guacamole. I would have taken pictures of the making of the guacamole but CB was helping me make it. It seems like when I have a ‘helper’ in the kitchen I am busier keeping calamity at bay. We added two avocados  half an onion and tomato diced, cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper. Topped with the juice of one lime (I used lemon because that is what I had on hand.)

Total Meal: 10 points plus

ZB, our youngest, came home with a fever and cough today from school…I am contemplating how long it would make the smell of rubbing alcohol to dissipate if I sprayed the whole house down.

We won’t get sick. We won’t get sick. We won’t get sick…

The rain has started outside and we are all tucked warmly at home tonight.

I see coffee, reading, and maybe some tele in my future.

How do you judge if a meal was a success?

Live well,




So Grand

29 Jan

I ran by the new Kroger that just opened in town. Grand Opening. A new grocery store in a small town is big news! Especially one with a Starbucks ;). I am so happy to have a decent grocery store nearby. I usually drive over and hour round trip to go grocery shopping because it is important to me to shop where I can get good deals and have the selection I want.

Today I gave the new Kroger a shot. So far I like it. Kroger usually has some good deals and since I am a couponer I like good deals. They also have a large organic food selection. I just grabbed a few things today. I will have to see how I like it when I am doing a ‘big’ shopping trip.photo (22)

I do like that they have a salad bar. I heart salad bars! This one didn’t blow my mind– I am looking at you Whole Foods— but it did have a new item that I wanted to try, the edamame caviar salad.photo (23)

I went for a low point salad. Everything is zero points but the edamame and the touch of bacon bits~2 points plus.photo (18)

I thought I would show you my grocery cart. Whenever I run into people from church when I’m out grocery shopping they always look at what is in my cart–like they want to catch the preacher’s family buying something scandalous. No matter where we have served it is always the same. People are so funny. This is one of the things they don’t tell you in seminary–Once your spouse is a minister people will care what you buy at the grocery store. So I just posted my cart for the world to see. I think avocados are the raciest thing in there.
photo (19)
I almost always shop with a drink in my hand. I either buy a coffee on my way in or get a soda in the store. It keeps me from wanting ‘treats’ while I am shopping because I already have a treat in my hand.

I got home from the store and started prepping tonight dinner. I pulled an old faithful recipe from Skinnytaste.

photo (21)

I didn’t follow it directly but was inspired by it and adjusted for what I had on hand.photo (17)

I plan on using the pork in soft tacos with homemade guacamole and roasted sweet potatoes on the side.photo (24)Dump everything in the slow cooker and walk away. Love that!


I brought home the salad I made at Kroger~2 points plus and added dressing~1 points plus and 1/4 cup of chicken salad~3 point plus.DSCN2297 DSCN2298

Total Points: 6 points plus

Snack:photo (15)

I had most of a Cascadian Farm granola bar (that ZB didn’t finish from lunch…)~3 points plus

My house is smelling good and I am happy to know that dinner will come together quickly tonight!

What is your favorite kitchen appliance? My slow cooker is a close second behind the coffeemaker!

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