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A Coffee Kind Of Day

7 Feb

Some days it seems like I am in a coffee drinking contest. Today is one of those days.

Cup 1:
photo 103

Cup 2:photo 104

Cup 3:

photo (100)

Large DD coffee with light cream and light sugar~ 4 points plus.

We could go on like this all day….

I will blame it on the weather. When it is cold and rainy outside some people eat soup. I drink coffee. Is it  time to switch to water when your pee smells like coffee? I am just throwing that out there. It might be too much.

photo 106

I have actually eaten today.  A rather tasty breakfast I might add. It was a warm and cozy meal to start off a rainy day.
photo 107One egg ~ 2 points plus, 3 sausage links ( there could have been one eaten in the making of this photo)~3 points plus, English muffin~ 3 points plus, and an apple. 

Total Points: 8 points plus

I dressed in my running gear today hoping if the weather broke this morning I could quickly squeeze in my run. Do you ever go ahead and get dressed to work out hoping you can fit it in? I have to say wearing capris all day is dazzlingly comfortable if not fashion forward.

Now that ZB is home from preschool my outdoor running window has closed. Looks like I have a date with the treadmill this evening. I don’t really like running on treadmills.  I know they are a godsend for some people but they make me hurt. I think the side to side movement of the belt aggravates my knees and hips.  A girl has do what a girl has to do sometimes.

I had my usual salad for lunch~6 points plus and I have officially switched to water for the remainder of the day.

The rain has inspired me to use some lentils I have had in the pantry for sometime.

photo 101I threw them in the slow cooker with some seasonings, other veggies, and  diced ham. The entire meal will be less than $5 and by the looks of the slow cooker we will be eating on this for days.
photo 102

My house is smelling great and I am ready to tackle a to do list that has gotten out of control.

I hope this rain clears out soon. I have my first race of the year this Saturday and I am not really pumped about running in the rain.

Do you have a go to food when it is raining? What makes you feel cozy on days like today?


Track It Tuesday

5 Feb

I recently started back to Weight Watchers. (You can read about that journey here). I decided that I would start a feature called Track it Tuesdays to hold myself accountable and share my journey with you. I picked Tuesday only because this is the day of my weekly meeting so it works for me.

This week’s  stats…

Weigh-in: -0 lbs.

Total lost: 5.4

Pounds til goal weight: 38.6

The Big Nada! No gain or loss. I will gladly take it! I was less than diligent with my tracking and healthy eating this week. I feel a bit like the scale let me off the hook.

When I am not sure our 8-year-old, CB, is trying her best I will ask her, “did you do your best work?”

For example, I will tell CB to make up her bed and when I go to check on her I often see a made up although very disheveled bed.

She sees me and says, ” I made up my bed.”

I answer, “Yes, but did you do your best work?”

If someone asked me, “did you do your best work?” about my efforts this week. I would have to say “No, I did not.” Half effort gets 0’s on the scale. I can do better.

It is time to take my own advice… It is time for me to do my best work.

Morning Run:

photo (79)photo (78)

Two miles= done.

I have had two people this week tell me I look like I am loosing weight. After I got over the urge to kiss them I stored those compliments away to pull out later and dwell on them when I needed them. I am loosing my weight very slowly and people usually don’t really notice.  Even more motivation to do my best work.


photo (80) photo (82)

Tip: I make sure I measure my peanut butter because it can add up in a hurry– this is one thing I don’t eyeball. (There is a big difference between a TB and a heaping TB-like 2 points difference) I spray a tablespoon with cooking spray so it is easy to get the PB out once I have measured it. (aka I want every drop of that TB)photo (81)Two Van’s Light waffles and 1TB of Nutrition Energy Mix PB~7  points plus. 

I stacked the waffles together into a Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich. The Planter Nutrition Energy Mix PB was good. I bought the banana and granola mix. It tasted like I was eating a PB and banana sandwich. I don’t think it will become by go to nut butter but it is nice to have a little different taste from time to time.

photo (84) photo (83)This is me and my circus at my Tuesday morning meeting. I had my breakfast, my post run water, my coffee, and my Weight Watcher’s kit. If my meeting wasn’t so full I would use two chairs!

My one small thing….

photo (85)

I have been slacking on my DVD workouts. I think for a few reasons…

  1. I don’t really like Jillian. She kinda drives me crazy. Some people are really motivated by her. I am not.
  2. My hip hurts a good bit even when I am not running. I need to go get it checked out but frankly I am scared to go to the orthopedist  Every time I see one I leave needing surgery (I have had 7 knee surgeries). I know they will say you are crazy for running…really, I think running is the only thing that is keeping my slightly sane.
  3. Finding some private time to use the TV. When I do my DVD in front of my girls they point out that I don’t look like the girls on the video, that my legs aren’t high enough, that the people on TV haven’t stopped, and that weights aren’t as big. Tough crowd. I don’t think my marriage can handle Kevin watching me try to follow along to a workout DVD. There are things that you just can’t unsee.

So, my goal is to finish a full cycle of 30 day Shred and then find something else. Maybe a yoga DVD ( I can only imagine my kiddos commentary on  watching me do that one) or something less pounding for my joints.

How did you do this week? Success or struggles you would like to share? What is your one small thing you are going to focus on?

The Big 100

30 Jan

A Look Back To The Starting Line:


Kevin, CB, and I at Louisville Zoo in KY 2007.

I started this blog five years ago as Kevin, my husband, and I were away from our family and friends while at seminary in Kentucky. It was a way for me to process that amazing and formational experience. Those early posts I also wrote a lot about my mom and her battle with cancer.Three Coffins and No Funeral

Back then my posts were filled with self-reflection and thoughts about where I have been, hence the roots and reflections name. I posted just over 40 posts in those four plus years. I know a blazing pace. I didn’t really have any direction about what I wrote or where this blog could go. It was really just a journal–and I was never a very consistent journaler.

In January 2012 I started reading healthy living blogs as I began my path to running. I first started reading Will Run For Coffee (to see how this blog impacted me click here). I am not going to be hyperbolic saying that reading a blog changed my life but for once I related to someone. It made me feel less crazy. It made me feel like the best was not behind me physically. I started finding other blogs like Meals and Miles, Healthy Tipping Point, and Run Eat Repeat. Each one influenced and inspired me in different ways. I got good ideas for meals, good tips for running gear, and a good dose of humor. All things a rookie needs. However, they are all a lot younger than me and until recently none of them had kids so sometimes I felt like my life was just in such a different place. Sometime I felt like I missed my window to truly have the time and freedom to focus on myself and my health.

In the Race:

Finding my Footing

Each of those bloggers planted a seed in me and I as I read post after post I thought to myself I could do this. I too have a voice. My journey is so different and that is OK because I bet there are other people who are like me…trying to be a good wife, a good mother, and take good care of myself. So almost a year after reading so many other bloggers do what I really wanted to do…I got in the race for myself. I told Kevin that blogging would be an important focus for me in 2013 and I would give it three months of my attention and effort to see how I really liked writing everyday not just thinking about writing everyday. So here I am one month in and over 5o posts later I have reached a milestone, my 100th post for the blog.

Ingrid, Suzanne, and I just before my first half marathon in Kiawah Island, SC.

Ingrid, Suzanne, and I just before my first half marathon in Kiawah Island, SC.

Down the Road:

One month in and I am really enjoying blogging. I enjoy the writing. I think I am benefiting from the discipline it takes to sit down everyday and do this (several times a day). I really can’t wait to see where this path will take me. I have some decisions to make. Do I need to change the name of the blog since the name came from a different place and time in my journey? How much effort do I put into this?

100th Post

For now, I am pressing on and enjoying journey.

If you have been a part of the path to 100 posts let me know! I would love to hear from you!

Sometimes it Takes Two

26 Jan

First and foremost I got in my second run today. I did just shy of two more miles for a grand total of four miles on the day. It felt good to get back out there – like I accomplished something big. I was a little achy but felt good overall.
Dinner Time:


This is what I call ‘A Best Of’ meal. Doesn’t that sound better than leftovers? Kevin was out at an Emmaus event that some of the kids from the youth group were participating in so it was just us girls. It is tough to try to fix something that is worth the effort when only two little mouths are eating besides myself. Leftovers to the rescue!

Leftover Chicken Breast from dinner last night~6 points plus
Broccoli~0 points plus
Annie’s Mac N Cheese~5 points plus
1/2 C of Egg Drop Soup~0 points plus
1/2 Avacado ~4 points plus
Total meal: 15 points plus

This meal filled me up and I was hungry after getting my metabolism up and running twice today!

The avacado completely made the meal. It made the leftovers feel new and rich in flavor. I love avocados! I could eat them on everything. They do have a lot of points so I try to use them wisely but they are a superfood. It seems like if I am going to use a lot of points to eat something it should be something off that list of superfoods.

I have settled in for the night with a movie and my cup of coffee. Good times!

Good night!

Is there a go to food or condiment you use to spice up leftovers?

The Work of a Lifetime

26 Jan

Good Morning~

It is cold outside! Although we don’t have the ice and snow like the rest of the east coast it was a chilly morning run even though I got a much later start than I planned. It was about 40 degrees when I set out but it was a windy misty 40 degrees.  I promptly turned around and went back to the house to put on some gloves!
Sat run

2 miles in 22 minutes. I wanted to run more but my late start and family plans all I could get in was a quick two. I hope I can go back out later in the day and do two more. (here’s why). Why do I always make such a funny face in these pictures? I am going to blame it on squinting at the sun. Yeah, that’s it.

Jeff Galloway Run Walk Timer

My new running toy. If you have followed my running journey at all you know I am a big fan of Jeff Galloway and his run/walk running method. It opened the door of running for me that I thought was long since closed because of my injury history and fitness level.  Kevin went to his running store when he was in Atlanta a few weeks ago and brought me back this gadget.  Now I don’t have to keep looking my watch to time my intervals.  Big fan. Now if I can just find it every time I go run. I hid it from myself this morning trying to keep it out of the grubby paws of my three-year old…one of the several reasons I was late on my run.

Breakfast Waffles

Post run breakfast. It felt good to finish off a container of fruit before it went bad. I am famous for letting fruit go bad in the frig!

Breakfast plate

Two Van Waffles~4 points plus, One egg~2 points plus, Fruit~0 points plus, and 1Tbs of Maple Syrup~1 points plus. Total Meal: 7 points plus.

Breakfast Plate closeup

Notice the egg all over the plate? It might have blown up in the microwave. 2o seconds would be perfect to reheat an egg in my microwave. We have a 3o second setting and I won’t stand there and wait for 20 seconds to stop the microwave before my egg blows up. First World problem.

Breakfast plate berries

ZB and I are off to run a few errands and CB and Kevin are at the local food bank volunteering this morning. This is her first time volunteering outside of our church. There is so much need out there and Kevin and I are helping girls learn to care, to get involved, and to make a difference. It is what we are called to do. I am proud of her for going.

Going to church is easy. Being the hands and feet of Christ is the work of a lifetime.

What are your Saturday plans? How do you serve in your community?


Not So Long Run

19 Jan

I have decided not to run my half marathon in February.

Before I get into that I’ll catch up on last night’s dinner…



Turkey chili with beans~7 points plus and grilled cheese sandwich with fat-free cheese on homemade bread~6 points plus.

My pre-run fuel..

Pre run PB ToastNatures Own Light Bread~1 point per slice Table spoon of peanut butter~3 points plus. I added a few chai seeds for extra protein punch.

3 Mile Run


3.1 miles in 30:02.

I am not going to lie. Those two seconds killed me. I so want to break a 30 minute 5k. One day.

Speaking of 5ks. I began my running journey by wanting to run one race a month for a year. I had 5ks in mind. Once I had a few under my belt my goal changed to a half marathon. I started pounding out the long runs without really ever having built a solid base or conquering the 5k (ie under 30 minutes). Now that I have run a half marathon I thought I had to keep doing half marathons to be a real runner. But, I have started to get burned out. Tired. Not looking forward to running. Dreading my long runs. If you noticed I haven’t run all week.

This is not why I started running. I decided I am not training for a race but running for a better life and that must be my goal. If training for a particular race was turning me off from running then I don’t need to do that race. So, I have decided not to do the Run the Reagan half marathon in February.

I instead want to run for fun again. I want to do the work on my 5k times. I will see where that takes me…. maybe back to the half marathons. I am not taking my goal of running four half marathons this year off the table. I am just choosing not to focus on it right now.

Whew, I feel better just writing that down.


Salmon Egg Scramble


I made a quick scramble for lunch since I didn’t have any eggs for breakfast.  In the mix: left over salmon~2 points plus, broccoli~0 points plus, tomatoes~0 points plus, two eggs~4 points plus. Fresh strawberries~0 points plus and one slice of Natures Own Light Bread~1 points plus. Total: 7 points plus.

So now to enjoy a bit of my Saturday. My family is coming over the visit with the kiddos and to do dinner.

What are you big Saturday plans? Have you ever been burned out?


Salt N Pepper

14 Jan

Monday mornings are always a little iffy at our house. We are all usually up late on Sundays–making it all the more difficult to get out of  bed come Monday.  My alarm went off this morning. I sighed and hit snooze. Six of the fastest minutes later it went off again. I knew if  my feet did not hit the floor in the next few seconds it could get ugly…So I got up and started to gather up my running clothes in a  sleepy haze of Monday. Then I heard it. I doubled checked out the window. Rain. Hard rain. No run for me this morning.

I was proud of myself for getting up to try to run and I was thankful it started raining when it did. But, if I told you I was really upset to miss the run I would be lying. I felt really tired this morning as I have for the last few days. I just can’t shake it. Maybe I am fighting off something or just my more intense (intense to me…) training schedule has worn me down. Either way I was not too bummed to catch my breath this morning.



Hard-boiled egg , half of grapefruit, and Arnold’s thin with a smear of light butter=5 points plus.

DSCN2253I add salt on top of my grapefruits. It is an ongoing debate in our house. Salt or sugar. I am a salt girl myself.


I love black pepper. I put it on just about everything!

At Preschool today the quest to recreate winter continues. We are teaching the kids about winter clothing (gloves, scarfs, hats, etc) and where those clothes go on your body. Today it was so hot in our room, since it was in the high 60’s outside, we had to open a window so the room could be cool enough for the little ones to dress up in the ‘warm’ clothes. Poor things. They did get to eat ice cream for snack because it was like snow.


Salad bar salad~5 points plus. I am sure you are sick of seeing this salad but man I could eat it every single day. I use a scant tablespoon of ranch dressing (I don’t like the way the fat-free stuff tastes so I would rather use less of the real stuff–it is more satisfying to me). I use baby mixed greens and spinach as my salad base. Then I add about a tablespoon of each topping. I love a variety of things on my salads so I use just a little of each. Proteins=crumbled eggs, sunflower seeds, chick peas. Vegetables= beets, carrots, mushrooms. Carbs= about 1/4 of a creamy pasta salad (if I left this off my salad would probably be 3 points but I really like just a taste of the pasta. I think I am going to start weaning myself from the pasta.)


Left over variety crackers from the dinner party~4 point plus (I don’t have the box these came in so I am guesstimating based on what came up on my etools tracker). Hint- always take the highest point value given. It helps prevent surprises at the scale 🙂 .

I am off to see how much laundry I can cram into the few minutes until my oldest gets home because then everything becomes about homework!

I didn’t like homework I had as a kid and now I get to relive it through my children. Not my favorite.

Is there something you could eat everyday? How do you get motivated on Mondays?

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

10 Jan

Tackled my run. In daylight and without getting rained on! Victory!

I felt tired and my GPS kicked off mid run so I am not sure that I ran my full four miles. It was close if not exactly four. I think I was pooped from running last night. I don’t usually do my runs that close together and I could really feel it.

It was a house chore kind of day I reset our dinning room after getting it painted yesterday and cleaned the playroom. I was never a doll girl myself  so I am DONE with tiny Barbie shoes and her tiny accessories underfoot all the time.  I wish I could say Bye, Bye Barbie for good but I feel like she will haunt my bare feet and vacuum bags forever.


photo (44)

Banana~0 points plus (how much do I love that fruit has a zero point plus value!) Cascadian Farm Chewy Granola Bar~4 points plus.


photo (45)

Salad Bar salad with beets, sweet peas, carrots, mushrooms, chick peas, sunflower seeds  eggs, a bit of pasta salad, and ranch dressing~6 points plus.  Two slice of pizza~9 points plus ( I might have gone back for another little while later).

I have knocked off a few big items on my to-do list. I have more to do but I am feeling good about what I have accomplished.

I am going to do my Shred DVD once the kiddos are in bed and then call it a night.

My evenings are packed full of routines for the girls so it looks like the rest of my to-do-list may live to fight another day. I am learning to focus on what I have done instead of what is undone and just keep moving forward instead of rehearsing the should ofs , could ofs, would ofs.

How do you feel about your day? What one thing did you get done today that makes you feel good/ proud of yourself?

My Three Step Plan

10 Jan

Good Morning!

This is my plan to try to get this morning off right!

Step One:

Coffee mug


Step Two:

photo (40)

An Arnold thin with a tablespoon of light cream cheese, hard-boiled egg, and Cutie~6 points plus.

Step Three:



Doing my daily bible reading plan as part of my 2013 goals. I use the Youversion app. I like the flexibility having my reading plan on my device gives me. I can do it anywhere. However, I am a bit of a paper junkie so not having the actual text in  my hands is sometimes offsetting. I can’t believe that  I am already a day behind! I am catching up today.


What are the next steps for the day?

Well this what my dinning room currently looks like and we are hosting an adult volunteer dinner for those adults who serve in the youth ministry in two days.

Empty Dinning RoomNotice the window is open at 7 am on January 10th.  I was letting the fresh paint air out but it is that warm here this morning.

Our playroom, which is located just off the dinning room currently looks like this…

Playroom mess


I have a bit of work to do…

But first, I have a four mile run. Hope I beat the rain that is moving in. I am not the biggest fan of running of the rain. That is what real runner do.

What is in store for you today? Do you have any morning routines?


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

8 Jan

What I had planned for my morning and what happened are two very different scenarios.

The plan:

  • To get the kids off to school.
  • To run 4 miles.
  • To go to Weight Watchers.
  • To do my Shred DVD.
  • To do a little reading.


  • Checked my oldest into school late after she slept in a bit after recovering from a bad headache last night.
  • Sprinted across town to get from one school to the preschool carpool on time.
  • Did 30 day Shred.
  • Rushed Weight Watchers to weigh-in.
  • Inhaled a LATE breakfast.
  • Attended a website meeting at church.

It’s ok. I have learned that each day brings stresses and challenges of its own and if I am not willing to be flexible and readjust I will become overly stressed and shut down.

Did I get to do my run this morning? No.
Was that my only chance to run today? Not if I get creative…

Photo Recap:


Subway 6″ Egg white Flatbread with tomatoes, spinach, and cheddar cheese~ 9 points plus

How has your morning gone so far?

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