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Where’s My Nutella?

5 Feb

Today is National Pancake Day or National line up and wait forever for a free pancake at IHOP day. Either way I can get behind a good pancake.

National Pancake Day ecards

Guess what was for dinner tonight?

photo (90)

Tonight I used a new pancake mix: Bob’s Red Mill Buttermilk Whole Grain Pancake Mix. (Tell me that graphic artist didn’t earn their money trying to get that name on such a small bag). I like making pancakes from scratch but my go to recipe must have at least10 lbs of butter–I really need to find a lighter recipe.

I used an old trick I learned from Allan Todd. He was my youth pastor and dear friend. He always used Sprite to make pancakes on retreats which makes for super fluffy pancakes and very little clean up. Mix + Sprite= Pancake Goodness. I didn’t want the sugar from a Sprite so I added seltzer water instead. All the bubbles, none of the sugar. Maybe it was the weight of the whole grain mix or my seltzer trick didn’t work because these were not the light and fluffy pancakes I was hoping for. They were tasty if rather flat. I added Al Fresco Chicken Breakfast Sausage and fresh fruit on the side.

Pancakes as prepared~3 points a piece. Sausage~1 point per link and fruit~0 points plus.
photo (92)

Sorry for the blurry photo. I might have deleted the two clear shots I had as I attempted to download them. What? delete and download both start with D and it is after 8 p.m.

I wish I could say no one was injured in the making of this meal. Me+wet hands+sharp knife= a band-aid. I had to call in Kevin to help me finish prepping the fruit salad. I wanted to be all Iron Chef and throw a glove on over my bloody hand and keep chopping heroically but, then I remembered Alton Brown was not commentating my meal so I could just stop and go ask for help. In my defense I was hurrying because Kevin had to be back at the church in just a few minutes for a visitation for one of our church members who passed away. Pastors should never be late for anything that has to do with weddings or funerals. I am pretty sure that is in the Bible somewhere.

Kevin was on time. My finger is nicely bandaged. All is well except I somehow missed the fact that today was also World Nutella Day. Really, that would have been good to know three hours ago. Warm pancakes and Nutella….yummy.

This is going on my calendar for next year.

Right now.

When CB was 4 years old she would always say as she learned something new..”Do you know this, Mama?”

No, Mama did not know this? Really, how did I not know this? Nutella, I won’t forget you again.

What is your favorite kind of pancakes? I like fall flavored ones like pumpkin or spice.


The Big 100

30 Jan

A Look Back To The Starting Line:


Kevin, CB, and I at Louisville Zoo in KY 2007.

I started this blog five years ago as Kevin, my husband, and I were away from our family and friends while at seminary in Kentucky. It was a way for me to process that amazing and formational experience. Those early posts I also wrote a lot about my mom and her battle with cancer.Three Coffins and No Funeral

Back then my posts were filled with self-reflection and thoughts about where I have been, hence the roots and reflections name. I posted just over 40 posts in those four plus years. I know a blazing pace. I didn’t really have any direction about what I wrote or where this blog could go. It was really just a journal–and I was never a very consistent journaler.

In January 2012 I started reading healthy living blogs as I began my path to running. I first started reading Will Run For Coffee (to see how this blog impacted me click here). I am not going to be hyperbolic saying that reading a blog changed my life but for once I related to someone. It made me feel less crazy. It made me feel like the best was not behind me physically. I started finding other blogs like Meals and Miles, Healthy Tipping Point, and Run Eat Repeat. Each one influenced and inspired me in different ways. I got good ideas for meals, good tips for running gear, and a good dose of humor. All things a rookie needs. However, they are all a lot younger than me and until recently none of them had kids so sometimes I felt like my life was just in such a different place. Sometime I felt like I missed my window to truly have the time and freedom to focus on myself and my health.

In the Race:

Finding my Footing

Each of those bloggers planted a seed in me and I as I read post after post I thought to myself I could do this. I too have a voice. My journey is so different and that is OK because I bet there are other people who are like me…trying to be a good wife, a good mother, and take good care of myself. So almost a year after reading so many other bloggers do what I really wanted to do…I got in the race for myself. I told Kevin that blogging would be an important focus for me in 2013 and I would give it three months of my attention and effort to see how I really liked writing everyday not just thinking about writing everyday. So here I am one month in and over 5o posts later I have reached a milestone, my 100th post for the blog.

Ingrid, Suzanne, and I just before my first half marathon in Kiawah Island, SC.

Ingrid, Suzanne, and I just before my first half marathon in Kiawah Island, SC.

Down the Road:

One month in and I am really enjoying blogging. I enjoy the writing. I think I am benefiting from the discipline it takes to sit down everyday and do this (several times a day). I really can’t wait to see where this path will take me. I have some decisions to make. Do I need to change the name of the blog since the name came from a different place and time in my journey? How much effort do I put into this?

100th Post

For now, I am pressing on and enjoying journey.

If you have been a part of the path to 100 posts let me know! I would love to hear from you!

Video Killed the Radio Star

1 Jan


photo (8)

How cute are these Baby Cuties?  0 points plus

They are the perfect size. My girls love them.  I might love them as well.  Moms can eat the snacks we buy for our kids.


We decided to go out to dinner with Kevin’s mom, aka Geemaw, on our way home from our visit. After weeks in hospitals, rehab, and nursing homes dinner was her pick. She picked well. I always love me some Longhorn.

photo (9)


I had a few Wild West Shrimp. I mainly eat the peppers since no one else in my family likes them. 3 points plus

photo (7)


I had a yummy dinner of 7 oz grilled salmon and seasonal veggies~9 points plus. Plain sweet potato~5 points plus.

On the hour + drive home the girls crashed out in the back seat and Kevin and I talked and listened to the radio. He has Sirius in his truck and we landed on the Lithium 90s grunge and alternative rock, channel.  After a few minutes I realized that we owned the CD of the song they were playing. And then the next. And the next. And next. Nine out of ten we had in our CD collection. Kevin even had one on tape. Yes, tape. We rocked the 90’s hard and apparently we could run our own radio station. If you know Kevin you know he has an uncanny knowledge of music. Perhaps he should moonlight as a DJ? Apparently just shuffle our iTunes and you have a killer 90s mix. Pastor by day/ King of the airwaves by night? Complicated business card but interesting lifestyle.

Football is on. Kids are asleep. All is well.

What is your favorite genre or era of music? What do you rock out to?




The Moving Box

5 Mar

I have been married almost 12 years and in that time we have moved 10 times. Prior to ‘settling down’ I moved in and out of college dorms, apartments, and rental houses for six years through college and part of graduate school (I’m thinking 6+ moves). You would think I would be an expert mover after nearly 20 moves in my lifetime. Ask those who have helped us move. Ask my husband. I am not.

I make a mean to do list and have utopic visions of the best possible moving day scenario dancing in my head. Unfortunately, somewhere between the arrival of the packing boxes and the day of the move it slowly falls apart and we are dashing about cramming, dumping, and jamming. The dream of a uniform tower of color coded boxes stacked neatly in the hall just waiting for the kindly moving men to come fetch them turns into the reality of chaos. Next time, I say, next time I will get this right.

You see in my life there will probably be a next time. As a spouse of a United Methodist minister we are a part of the itinerant appointment system. We go when and where we are told to go. So I expect there will be more moves in my future somewhere down the line.

In the beginning it was just Kevin and I moving and it was kind of exhilarating to me. In a weird way it satisfied my travel itch, because if you think about it moving every year it is like going on a long trip. The suitcases are just bigger. I felt adventurous and courageous to be living life our own way.

Yet, slowly grown-up life has seeped in with the birth of our daughters. Now these moves have implications far beyond my personal preferences. So I got my special box.

This special box can hold anything up to about 20 lbs. If I start to worry about our girls liking a new room, home, school, church I just stuff it in my box. If I get sad thinking about people I will miss I just stuff it in my box. If I get worried about finances and changing employment for myself I just cram it in the box. If I get nervous about the church Kevin will be serving I just dump it in the box. If I worry about making friends or if people will like me it just goes in the box. Sometimes it gets really full, even to the point of bulging, but I keep stuffing it in.

However, when we get to our new house and the unpacking begins my special box stays firmly attached to me. As I unpack other boxes and take on the task of setting up a home I sometimes find new things to jam in my special box. Eventually all those things cling to me, become a part of me. You see for the last seven years with each move I gain about 20lbs.

That special box is really my mouth as I attempt to abate my fears, stresses, and those feelings of being completely overwhelmed by eating. I have battled my weight most of my life and after giving birth to two large, beautiful babies it has been especially hard. I gained enough weight with each pregnancy to give birth to a 12-year-old instead I birthed two adorable 9-ish pound infants. The math was not in my favor.

Slowly as I get comfortable and gain my footing after a move I start to unpack my special box. It is never an easy process. I am pretty sure the glaciers are melting faster than I can lose weight but it does slowly happen. It seems as I get ‘near’ my goal weight again a move looms on the horizon. And so, my freak out begins and I find my special box once more. I guess I am lucky I am not 200 lbs overweight with all our moves, the 40 lbs I currently have to lose are a gracious plenty.

So here our little family is coming up on our eight month in our new ministry setting. We really love it here and our girls are thriving. Our new church family is wonderful and Kevin’s ministry is engaging. I am getting comfortable and gaining my footing. I am starting to unpack my box. Hopefully, this time for good.

101 Greatest Books- To Kill a Mockingbird #3

4 Mar

Going through the 101 Greatest Books List put together by the College Board. Their original list is in alphabetical order. I am approaching it in no particular order of my own….

It is difficult to write about something I love so much. I face the fear that I will leave out something important, something significant, something revealing. So instead of trying to concisely collect my thoughts on one of my favorite books of all time I am going to have to approach this stream of consciousness style.

I first read TKAM as a young girl. I did not understand much of the plot,especially all that was happening at the trial, but even then the characters danced off the page at me. The tomboy in me really wanted to be friends with Scout and I think I had a crush on Jem.

I have a first edition copy of the book. It has typos and grammatical errors. This gives me hope.

Quotes from the novel run through my head and I will always laugh at Scout asking Atticus to “pass the damn ham”.

I love the conspiracy theories and the mysterious surrounding Harper Lee.

Every time I read TKAM it breaks my heart.

I can’t decide how I feel about Atticus Finch as a father. As a lawyer and as a man he is without reproach, but with each read I am more and more conflicted how a feel about his role as a father.

I don’t like red geraniums because they always make me think of the Ewells.

I came home the other day from the store and Kevin had CB in his lap reading Chapter 10 aloud to her. I will cherish that memory forever.

101 Greatest Books- Pride and Prejudice #2

7 Feb

Going through the 101 Greatest Books List put together by the College Board. Their original list is in alphabetical order. I am approaching it in no particular order of my own….

Jane Austen and I became friends late in life. I completely missed her in my British lit classes and since I have always gravitated toward American Literature I never pursued a relationship with her. She was one of those writers who fell somewhere between Shakespeare and the Brontës and unbelievably I don’t think I ever cracked one of her novels until grad school.

At some point I caught part of the Masterpiece Theater Pride and Prejudice epic movie with Colin Firth. I have always loved Colin Firth and I think my crush on him drove me to the novel. So it began.

The Bennets, Darcy, and even Mr Bingley began to dance in my head and invade my dreams. I fell in love with them and their beautiful, small world. Then, when the darkness of the decline and death of my mother began to be my world I fought off my grief and sadness with Jane and the world she seemingly created just for me. Kevin bought me her entire works bound in one book. It is a beast of a book but one of my most beloved. Her characters befriended me then and still captivate me today after too many rereads to count.

I love the wit of Jane Austen. I retreat to her novels, especially P&P, to keep my wits about me.

The End Times– A glimpse of life in Turkington Manor

13 Jun

This blog/scattering of my thoughts was originated out of my own desire to write more– not from any belief I hold that my thoughts or life is interesting enough to read about. Therefore, I write each post like no one but myself reads it–which is basically true, and since ranting to yourself is an indicator of mental illness I try to steer clear of such posts.

However, (you had to know there was a however was coming)…. however, life at the illustrious Turkington Manor has gotten so interesting that I felt I had to get it off my chest. For anyone who has missed the unparalleled pleasure of spending anytime in our little nest of an apartment I feel I must share some basic background. The cinder block family housing was built just after the fall of man and hasn’t had much invested in continual maintenance or upkeep in decades, and has recently been scheduled for demolition to make room for new family housing. Currently four units in the building are condemned due to raw sewage overflows due to ongoing plumbing issues. (nice and smelly)! Thankfully, we live on the other end of the building but the lovely leaks have made their way into the shared storage in the basement. I apologize in advance for my stinky winter sweaters in the upcoming months…

Kevin and I had just recently worked the cramps out of our faces from our ‘grin and bare it’ stance on our living conditions, knowing we are in count down mode to our move back to the Peach State. Living in student housing was a decision we made to help us take on as little debt as possible during our time at Asbury. (Taking on student loans in our mid thirties means we will still be paying for them when our children are in college– not quite the college savings plan I had in mind). So little set backs like our bathroom fan making a screeching sound like something dying a painful death, like the window seals all being busted so each bustling breeze or train rumble (we live close to busy tracks) starts the shaking of the panes that has a nice crescendo in the early morning hours, like the paint pealing off the banisters to the degree that if I was a more active parent I should have CB tested for lead poisoning, or like the small waifs of sewage blowing through on the evening breeze were all taken in ‘count down’ stride. Yet, last night when our precious neighbor Courtney Coates came by to tell us of the large and active roach colony right outside our apartment I felt like it could be my last straw. Now our little nest was their nest too– I am not willing to share.

Although I am not afraid of roaches I feel I share most people’s rather strong dislike of them and I was so proud of my barefoot pajama-clad husband as he went into the dark of night to fight a brave but futile battle with the little beasts. Unfortunately, to no avail as they had him outnumbered 100 to one. So today I am sure as I sit here writing this post a kind member of the maintenance staff, who really try to do there best with the old building, will come a spray roach-death juice all around our building and all over my weedy but organic garden.

Will this be the end?

Will this be the last straw of Turkington vs. Barnes?

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