Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

6 Feb

I am sad that the Sand Man did not do his job last night and help me drift off to a wonderful night’s sleep. Day two of the great sleep pattern over haul did not go well. I will keep on pressing on by being in bed by 10 pm and no caffeine after lunch.

Breakfast was quick and easy this morning because I was one sleepy (99) photo (94)English muffin with homemade strawberry jelly and two boiled eggs~8 points

Lunch after Preschool was a spread of leftovers.

photo (98) photo (97) photo (95)Leftover Mexican Turkey Sliders with a dab of guacamole ~9 points plus. Annie’s Mac-n-cheese made with skim milk and a dab of guacamole and a half of tomato~5 points plus.

This was a large lunch that ended up taking me over an hour to eat because CB is home from school because she is not feeling well and ZB is always a good bit of work. So, by the time I got them feed and settled and resettled my easy lunch ended up taking forever. I will call it my lunch and snack all rolled into one.

The girls are tucked in trying to out sleep their bugs and I have a long to do list to tackle before church tonight.

What do you have on deck for this evening? I am already getting excited about bedtime!




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