Out to Lunch

5 Feb

Today I had a quick but fun lunch outing with ZB and Kevin. We let our three-year-old pick the place. She picks based on the kind of book or bag her food comes with.

photo (89)Subway won with their Phineas and Ferb bags. I have to be honest Subway is not my favorite place. (Especially after my ordering debacle last week).  Apparently I eat here a good bit for someone who doesn’t really like the food. When you live in a small southern town and are trying to make better food choices your options are LIMITED!

Chopped salad with tuna salad (no cheese or salad dressings)~8 points. I read in the March Runner’s World Magazine an article, Fast Fish,  about getting more fish into your diet and it stressed that canned/pouch fish is just as beneficial as fresh. ( I have to confess I have read this magazine cover to cover at least twice but I am behind in my Daily Bible Reading plan–may need to shift my priorities a bit)

This cute face made the blah meal so much better.

photo (88)She might have figured out how to take self portraits with my phone. I mean really, how great is that face.

To top off the meal I grabbed a cookie when I got home.

photo (86)


Sugar cookie~2 points plus.

I was planning on making fish tonight for dinner but I may have hit my seafood quota for the day and the other meal I have prepped is a slow cooker meal. Meal plan fail.

No worries.

Do you have a restaurant or a type of food you eat often but you don’t really enjoy?




2 Responses to “Out to Lunch”

  1. victorianeedstoeat February 5, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    Subway has never really appealed to me either I think it’s because what I like on the menu is not very diet friendly (chicken & bacon ranch with added avocado & a cookie :/). Not only that I don’t find it’s always that fresh.

    A type of food I eat often but don’t enjoy – bananas. I hate ripe bananas, but they are so filling I can’t turn them away. I try and eat them when they are still hard or bake with them, add peanut butter or something to disguise the flavour a bit 🙂

    • rootsandreflections February 5, 2013 at 7:50 pm #

      Glad to know I am not alone with Subway distaste. I have to say I do like bananas although I am streaky with them. It seems like I eat a ton and then I go weeks without eating any!

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