Sweet! It’s Friday.

1 Feb

It is Friday!

I feel like I could do a little Friday dance or something. It is strange that this week has seemed so long even though I have been home with a sick ZB two out of the five days.  Maybe just being on a different routine is what has thrown me off.

Breakfast:photo (60)

photo (61)

Two Van Lite waffles~ 4 points with one TB of maple syrup~ 1 points plus and a poached egg~2 points plus.photo (59)

Total Points Plus for the Meal: 7photo (58)

Maybe I should raise chickens with how many eggs I eat. It would have to be cost-effective with how many eggs I eat. At our previous church we had a sweet family that raised chickens along with a beautiful garden. The proud ‘farmer’ would bring a dozen eggs by every so often to the church office for Kevin to bring home. Man, those were the best eggs. Sorry Kroger your eggs have nothing on farm fresh.

photo (57)

It is officially hear month.  Let’s just skip over Groundhog’s Day and get to the good stuff. Valentines Day come with baked goods and chocolate. Who has ever gotten a Groundhog chocolate box? Sorry groundhog. It is cold. Your big day is lame. Let’s just move on. I am going to have to figure out a way to manage all the sweets that are about to enter my world in the next few weeks. First, Girl Scout Cookies come in next week then Valentine’s Day. Good thing President’s Day doesn’t come with any sugary traditions. We may just our cherries fresh this year in honor of old Washington in stead in a pie form.

photo (62)It is well past lunch and I haven’t had a chance to fix anything to eat. I grabbed 14 almonds to hold me over…~3 points plus.

Time to get my shopping lists and coupons together. Looks like my fun Friday is going to be spent at the grocery store.

Live Well,




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