Oh, A Shopping I Will Go

1 Feb

Today has turned out to be a grocery shopping extravaganza. First, I had to gather up my shopping list and the coupons. This took awhile this week because it was a big week for deals–which is a good thing–it just takes more work to get prepped.

I got a later start than I wanted by the time I got home from Preschool and got ZB settled. It was after 2:00pm and I hadn’t had lunch. I grabbed a spicy tuna roll at Kroger.


The brown rice had an almost crunchy texture that I liked. ~9 points plus
The effort was worth it because I saved a ton and bought healthy food I can be proud to serve my family.

$75 for an hour of work…nice.
I came back home and unloaded my haul and started the process all over again this time prepping for Publix. I usually make a Publix run once or twice a month since it takes me 30+ minutes to get there. This week’s deals made it worth while for me to make the trip.
Kevin took the girls out for a big Friday Night Date that involved the library and Moe’s which is pretty much their dream evening.
Although I do take the girls with me from time to time when I go grocery shopping it is so much easier when I get to go by myself.

I am a grocery shopping rock star…

Saved $146 dollars today and the groceries are put away. Time to hit the hay.
Live well,


One Response to “Oh, A Shopping I Will Go”

  1. ejw22 February 2, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    Wow that was a lot of work! I love to shop though, even at the grocery.

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