Sometimes it Takes Two

26 Jan

First and foremost I got in my second run today. I did just shy of two more miles for a grand total of four miles on the day. It felt good to get back out there – like I accomplished something big. I was a little achy but felt good overall.
Dinner Time:


This is what I call ‘A Best Of’ meal. Doesn’t that sound better than leftovers? Kevin was out at an Emmaus event that some of the kids from the youth group were participating in so it was just us girls. It is tough to try to fix something that is worth the effort when only two little mouths are eating besides myself. Leftovers to the rescue!

Leftover Chicken Breast from dinner last night~6 points plus
Broccoli~0 points plus
Annie’s Mac N Cheese~5 points plus
1/2 C of Egg Drop Soup~0 points plus
1/2 Avacado ~4 points plus
Total meal: 15 points plus

This meal filled me up and I was hungry after getting my metabolism up and running twice today!

The avacado completely made the meal. It made the leftovers feel new and rich in flavor. I love avocados! I could eat them on everything. They do have a lot of points so I try to use them wisely but they are a superfood. It seems like if I am going to use a lot of points to eat something it should be something off that list of superfoods.

I have settled in for the night with a movie and my cup of coffee. Good times!

Good night!

Is there a go to food or condiment you use to spice up leftovers?


One Response to “Sometimes it Takes Two”

  1. Kristin January 27, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

    I like putting leftovers over brown rice. You know, when you have too much leftover to justify tossing it, but not enough to make an actual meal? Just throw it over some brown rice! I keep boil-in-a-bag rice around specifically for that purpose.

    As far as condiments go, a little Siracha and soy sauce tend to make everything yummier!

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