Sharing the Love

25 Jan

Right after school we headed out to get the girls’ hair cut. I love their long locks of beautiful flowing waves but I am DONE with the tears, the fights, and the overall drama my long-haired dears have brought into my life. I realized sometime last week that there was no need for all the stress dealing with long hair. This was a choice and I could make a different one. I told the girls it was time for the hair to go and scheduled an appointment for all three of us. CB was hesitant at first but I reminded her the reason she originally started growing out her hair was to donate it. She was on board and once I convinced ZB it wouldn’t hurt the whole family loaded up and drove to the studio where I always get my hair done.
CB and ZB

Last moments of the long hair.

CB donating her hair

CB had far more than the required eight inches to donate (she ended up donating 12 inches) in four separate pony tails! She has a ton of hair like her mama! She is sending her hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. My mother passed away from ovarian cancer just after CB’s fourth birthday. She and CB were very close and CB wanted to donate in her honor. She remembers Grammie having ‘hat hair’ or what she called her wig. She like the idea of her hair going to help make someone else a pretty wig like her Grammie had. So sweet.

ZB not sure about hair cutZB was too young to donate her hair but she had just as much cut off. I love her “what you talking about Willis” facial expression here. I am not sure she believed me when I told her it wouldn’t hurt.

ZB short hair CB short hair dinner datesPost haircut celebration at Beef O’ Brady’s.

Beef O Brady's Grilled Chicken


Grilled Chicken Plate with rice and broccoli. I only ate one chicken breast~6 point plus. Broccoli~2 points plus. Seasoned rice~7 points for the portion I ate.

Total points-15 points plus


Greek TCBY


Coffee Espresso TCBY


I made as smart of choices as I could with the yogurt so I could have a few tasty treats in the bowl. I added strawberries, blueberries, five whoppers, and a couple of cheese cake bits~5 points plus for the lot. I am a huge cheesecake fan but these bites were not tasty. I could eat the entire bowl full of whoppers. I love malt candy. I counted out five and then put the spoon down and walked away.

So my whole night out on the town was just over 2o points plus for dinner and dessert. I tried to use as few as possible while staying satisfied so I wouldn’t binge on something later.  I definitely dipped into my weekly allowance today and I know that this week’s trip to the scale will probably be tough (to see why click here).  However, I am trying to make the best choices I can on this day and hopefully those each of these days will add up to something good.

Good Night!



One Response to “Sharing the Love”

  1. ejw22 January 26, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Aww aren’t they sweet girls! You’re right, the long hair isn’t worth the argument.

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