A Little Good Fortune

25 Jan

My little helper this morning. ZB and I were off to school for teacher conference day. This girl loves her purple backpack.

photo (95)


Vans and Jones Farm

Quick and easy breakfast so I could get out the door and to work on time.  Van’s waffles~4 points for two waffles. Jones Farm sausage ~3 points plus for three links. Maple syrup~1 point plus for one Tbs. Clementine~0 points plus.

Tip:  If you notice once I calculate the points for an item I go ahead and write the number on the box and the serving size so I don’t have to look it up again.

waffle breakfast

I had two crunchy waffles with maple syrup, one link of sausage, and a whole clementine~6 point plus.Vans waffle waffle close upYes, I set the fire alarm off in my kitchen in the making of this meal. I like my waffles crunchy. My toaster likes to smoke. I set off the fire alarm often. I have cleaned my toaster several times and I can’t get it to stop smoking. I guess it is time to add new toaster to ‘the appliances I wish I had” list.

Today was parent conference day at the preschool. While my lead teacher was busy conferencing with our parents I tackled a to do list to prep for the up coming units. You see hearts and flowers, I see heralds of spring. Some days I think I have a great gig. I get paid to drink coffee and cut  things out. Two things I am very good at doing. Is this the best use of my education? Probably not, but it is a stress free job and strangely satisfying.

Preschool cutoutsLunch:


The one thing better than take-out? Left overs. Steamed Dumplings from last night’s Chinese food~11 points plus. Green salad with mushrooms, carrots, blueberries, and ranch dressing~2 points plus. 


dumplings closeup

I raced the microwave today and had my salad thrown together during the minute it took to heat the dumplings. Notice no fine chopping– just dumping in a bowl. salad

When I sat down to eat lunch I found this fortune sitting at CB place at the table.


Fun. Will it work for me since I didn’t open the cookie? Can you claim a found fortune?

As soon a school is out we are heading out to get hair cuts. It will be ZB’s first. CB is donating her hair. Here’s hoping for a tear free shearing!

Do you read your fortune cookie?


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