Not So Long Run

19 Jan

I have decided not to run my half marathon in February.

Before I get into that I’ll catch up on last night’s dinner…



Turkey chili with beans~7 points plus and grilled cheese sandwich with fat-free cheese on homemade bread~6 points plus.

My pre-run fuel..

Pre run PB ToastNatures Own Light Bread~1 point per slice Table spoon of peanut butter~3 points plus. I added a few chai seeds for extra protein punch.

3 Mile Run


3.1 miles in 30:02.

I am not going to lie. Those two seconds killed me. I so want to break a 30 minute 5k. One day.

Speaking of 5ks. I began my running journey by wanting to run one race a month for a year. I had 5ks in mind. Once I had a few under my belt my goal changed to a half marathon. I started pounding out the long runs without really ever having built a solid base or conquering the 5k (ie under 30 minutes). Now that I have run a half marathon I thought I had to keep doing half marathons to be a real runner. But, I have started to get burned out. Tired. Not looking forward to running. Dreading my long runs. If you noticed I haven’t run all week.

This is not why I started running. I decided I am not training for a race but running for a better life and that must be my goal. If training for a particular race was turning me off from running then I don’t need to do that race. So, I have decided not to do the Run the Reagan half marathon in February.

I instead want to run for fun again. I want to do the work on my 5k times. I will see where that takes me…. maybe back to the half marathons. I am not taking my goal of running four half marathons this year off the table. I am just choosing not to focus on it right now.

Whew, I feel better just writing that down.


Salmon Egg Scramble


I made a quick scramble for lunch since I didn’t have any eggs for breakfast.  In the mix: left over salmon~2 points plus, broccoli~0 points plus, tomatoes~0 points plus, two eggs~4 points plus. Fresh strawberries~0 points plus and one slice of Natures Own Light Bread~1 points plus. Total: 7 points plus.

So now to enjoy a bit of my Saturday. My family is coming over the visit with the kiddos and to do dinner.

What are you big Saturday plans? Have you ever been burned out?



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