My Kind of Bank

18 Jan

The post is brought to you by color of the day, white and the number 1.

preschool pages snowman donutWhile a lot of the country was digging out from a big snow/ice storm we were making snowman donuts at preschool today. Jealous?

morning coffee green mug

First, came the black cup of coffee. I have to tell you I am still not in love with drinking my coffee black but it does make it much easier. Pour coffee. Walk away. Can you tell by the photographs the sun is out? The sun is out! Finally. This lady needs the sunshine or I start getting a little punchy. It seems like it has been forever since we have had a nice sunny morning! I am very thankful!

breakfast poached egg on muffin

Light English muffin and poached egg~5 points plus.

breakfast blueberries and mandarin organges

Blueberries and peeled mandarin orange ~0 points plus.

I got the rare treat of going out to lunch with Staci, our children’s pastor. She is amazing and we a fun lunch even though we did talk ‘shop’. We went to a local place called Bank Street Cafe. As a cafe it serves sandwiches and salads during lunch. Everything I have ever had there has been good and the prices are very reasonable. The ambiance is cool because it was originally a bank. The vault is still there as well as the pressed tin ceiling. I always like it when old buildings are restored and their usefulness reinvented.

Today I tried something new. I ordered the black bean wrap. It is basically a black bean burger sliced with tomatoes and onions and wrapped in a spinach tortilla.  It was good. The onions were a bit over powering but around here the onions have been hot this season. I should have asked to have them left off. Otherwise, tasty! It came with a bag of chips. They had my favorite kettle cooked Salt and Vinegar. So good!

Bank st bean wrap with chips


Black bean spinach wrap~10 points plus.  Salt and vinegar kettle chips~4 points plus.

All I want to do is curl up under a warm blanket and read but I a few chores to knock off.

This cold weather is making me snugly. I am thinking a cozy fire and turkey chili tonight. The family may have other ideas.

What is your go to meal for cold weather?




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