I Will Order The Salad

16 Jan

If you are not involved in a church community or one that has a traditional Wednesday Night dinner you are missing out. Someone cooks for you, someone washes the dishes for you, and someone entertains/educates your kids. A win-win.

As both someone who is trying to lose weight and who is the PW, preacher’s wife (or PS, preacher’s spouse,  for my brothers in arms), church eating can be a bit daunting. My church has a healthy plate option that consists of a chefs salad. I should get this but you have to specially sign up for it using a tear out in the bulletin. I don’t usually get a bulletin on Sunday mornings because I am already in our worship space when the greeters are handing them out. I know excuses–it’s not like my husband doesn’t work about 50 feet from the dear lady who handles the reservations. Maybe next week.

The reason I want to order the salad is not because I really like chef salads, because I don’t- I know it has eggs on it but I don’t really like the meat or cheese. Salads are much easier to calculate the point for than the regular meal because I have not idea how the meal was prepared. It is really just a shot in the dark to calculate the points.

For example, see my plate below? The mashed potatoes. I am guessing they are from potato flakes. Now, did our hostess use  whole milk or skim? How much butter? Do the beans have butter on them? They didn’t taste like it? etc, etc, etc. All I know is it is yummy and I usually eat it all so I have to figure out how to count the points. I use my etools and do my best.

I will order the salad for next week.  I will order the salad for next week. I will…

Wednesday Night Supper:

photo (58)

Green beans~0 points plus, mashed potatoes (I calculated these a made from flakes with whole milk and butter added)~5 points, 3 oz of baked chicken without skin or bone ~3 points, 1/4 cup of chicken gravy~1 point plus, one slice of french bread~1 point (seems low but that is what my tracker said), and a small bowl of salad~2 points. I got another bowl of salad for dessert~2 points.

14 points total. I had that many to use on this meal but it seems like a lot of points.

I will order a salad next week.

photo (57)

Into the heart of darkness…still going black with the coffee. (Find out why here).

Time to get my couponing on. Got to get my meal plan ready, my shopping list printed, and my coupons printed or clipped. Time to save some money!

Does your family go to a Wednesday Night Supper or some other community dinning event? What is your plan for church eating?

Good night!


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