Salt N Pepper

14 Jan

Monday mornings are always a little iffy at our house. We are all usually up late on Sundays–making it all the more difficult to get out of  bed come Monday.  My alarm went off this morning. I sighed and hit snooze. Six of the fastest minutes later it went off again. I knew if  my feet did not hit the floor in the next few seconds it could get ugly…So I got up and started to gather up my running clothes in a  sleepy haze of Monday. Then I heard it. I doubled checked out the window. Rain. Hard rain. No run for me this morning.

I was proud of myself for getting up to try to run and I was thankful it started raining when it did. But, if I told you I was really upset to miss the run I would be lying. I felt really tired this morning as I have for the last few days. I just can’t shake it. Maybe I am fighting off something or just my more intense (intense to me…) training schedule has worn me down. Either way I was not too bummed to catch my breath this morning.



Hard-boiled egg , half of grapefruit, and Arnold’s thin with a smear of light butter=5 points plus.

DSCN2253I add salt on top of my grapefruits. It is an ongoing debate in our house. Salt or sugar. I am a salt girl myself.


I love black pepper. I put it on just about everything!

At Preschool today the quest to recreate winter continues. We are teaching the kids about winter clothing (gloves, scarfs, hats, etc) and where those clothes go on your body. Today it was so hot in our room, since it was in the high 60’s outside, we had to open a window so the room could be cool enough for the little ones to dress up in the ‘warm’ clothes. Poor things. They did get to eat ice cream for snack because it was like snow.


Salad bar salad~5 points plus. I am sure you are sick of seeing this salad but man I could eat it every single day. I use a scant tablespoon of ranch dressing (I don’t like the way the fat-free stuff tastes so I would rather use less of the real stuff–it is more satisfying to me). I use baby mixed greens and spinach as my salad base. Then I add about a tablespoon of each topping. I love a variety of things on my salads so I use just a little of each. Proteins=crumbled eggs, sunflower seeds, chick peas. Vegetables= beets, carrots, mushrooms. Carbs= about 1/4 of a creamy pasta salad (if I left this off my salad would probably be 3 points but I really like just a taste of the pasta. I think I am going to start weaning myself from the pasta.)


Left over variety crackers from the dinner party~4 point plus (I don’t have the box these came in so I am guesstimating based on what came up on my etools tracker). Hint- always take the highest point value given. It helps prevent surprises at the scale 🙂 .

I am off to see how much laundry I can cram into the few minutes until my oldest gets home because then everything becomes about homework!

I didn’t like homework I had as a kid and now I get to relive it through my children. Not my favorite.

Is there something you could eat everyday? How do you get motivated on Mondays?


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