I love Sopes

14 Jan

I hope you are having a good evening.

Homework. Done! Every time I get to mark off CB’s agenda from school saying she has done her homework I feel like there should be a soundtrack of Rocky’s music and I should get to dance, wave my arms in the air, and pound my chest. Some days it is that hard.

Second grade. We will own you.

My sister stopped by this evening on her way home from work to drop off CB’s Girl Scouts cookie form. She kindly sold cookies for her niece, the little Brownie, at her office. Since she was around and Kevin was away at a District Meeting for the evening we went out for an early dinner.

Mexican Food– Es muy delicioso!


La Hacienda is a new restaurant that has just recently opened in town. They have refurbished a vacant building downtown and put in this Mexican chain restaurant. However, because of the character of the old building and the location in town it doesn’t have that chain restaurant feel. The food is great with some different menu items than those you always see. We have been there twice and both times we have had great service.IMG_0358 IMG_0357


My dinner dates. They LOVE Mexican food.

IMG_0360I had eight of these chips (yes, I counted them)~2 points plus and Diet Coke.




I had an order of their Mexican Sopes~15 points plus as served. I love Sopes. I know they are just street food in Mexico and it is like raving about a hot dog but I still love them. I scraped off the cheese and sour cream because I don’t really love it and it saves some points. The slice of avocado was creamy enough for me. I calculated my points based on the nutritional information I could find which included these toppings. I count it even if I don’t eat it. I never try to reduce the points value of the food as given. I figure I underestimate in error from time to time and it all comes out in the wash.

So now we are home and the little ones are tucked snug in their beds and this Mama has visions of catching up on Downton Abbey dancing through her head.

Activity Check In before Track it Tuesday tomorrow: 36 activity points for the week.

What is your favorite Mexican dish? How do you make it lighter or do you splurge?





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