Fun Friday

11 Jan

Happy fun Friday!

My Friday Breakfast:

breakfast egg and toast

Hard boiled egg~2 points plus, blueberries~0 points plus, and Arnold’s thin~3 points plus. I added a little lite shredded cheese for FUN~1 points plus.

half eaten breakfast sammy

How I put it all together to make a quick breakfast sandwich. Yummy and portable for those mornings  you’re running out the door.

Today’s lunch after Preschool:


I may have had a Subway coupon burning a hole in my pocket so I stopped by after Preschool to grab lunch for Kevin, ZB, and I.  I am hooked on their Breakfast sandwiches ( I know two breakfast sandwiches in one day. What can I say I love breakfast food!  I think it is FUN~notice a theme?)~8 point plus + apples~0 points plus+ few chips from ZB ~3 points plus.

When CB walked out the door to get on the bus this morning I called out  to her, “Have a fun, fun- fun, Friday!” (Yes, I have a little tune I sing it to and there may have been a slight dance involved.)

She grinned.

She remembered.

Fridays are a big deal for she and I.

A few years ago when we were living in Kentucky my husband, Kevin, had a small group meeting every Friday night. CB, our oldest, was about three years old at the time. So, every Friday after I got off work I would pick her up from childcare and we would decide what we would do for our Friday night date.  We would sing a silly song we made up and ponder the big possibilities this Friday would hold for us. However, there were some limitations:

  • if we went anywhere we had to able to walk there as Kevin needed our only car to drive into Lexington for his meeting.
  • it couldn’t cost more than $10 as we were living on one salary, mine, as Kevin was in school full-time.
  •  and we both had to think it was fun!

In a small, rural college town these stipulations seriously limit your options. Library?  Out- too far away-at least one with a kids section.  Movies? Out- too far away and too expensive. Ice Cream? Yes, but it closed by 6 pm. Park? Yes, if the weather was nice.

A lot of those Friday nights we would go to our favorite pizza place, Tastebuds, and share a pizza. She would get black olives. I would pick them off my part. We would spin on the old-timey swivels stools at the counter and talk about the adventures of our day. I would tell her I called someone all the way in Africa and she will tell me all about the color blue. Then, if the weather was nice we would walk. We would walk as far as her three-year old legs wanted to go. We would usually wonder the long way home so we could check on a neighborhood cat she had befriended or stop by the fountain on campus to toss in a coin.

That was it. That was our big Friday night. Our big Fun Friday adventure. That was our fun.

Kids grow up and fun gets a little more complicated.

This Friday CB has a play date with a friend after school. She said, “she has a horse at her house, how FUN is that?”

What are your Fun Friday plans? Do you have any family traditions on the weekends?


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