My Three Step Plan

10 Jan

Good Morning!

This is my plan to try to get this morning off right!

Step One:

Coffee mug


Step Two:

photo (40)

An Arnold thin with a tablespoon of light cream cheese, hard-boiled egg, and Cutie~6 points plus.

Step Three:



Doing my daily bible reading plan as part of my 2013 goals. I use the Youversion app. I like the flexibility having my reading plan on my device gives me. I can do it anywhere. However, I am a bit of a paper junkie so not having the actual text in  my hands is sometimes offsetting. I can’t believe that  I am already a day behind! I am catching up today.


What are the next steps for the day?

Well this what my dinning room currently looks like and we are hosting an adult volunteer dinner for those adults who serve in the youth ministry in two days.

Empty Dinning RoomNotice the window is open at 7 am on January 10th.  I was letting the fresh paint air out but it is that warm here this morning.

Our playroom, which is located just off the dinning room currently looks like this…

Playroom mess


I have a bit of work to do…

But first, I have a four mile run. Hope I beat the rain that is moving in. I am not the biggest fan of running of the rain. That is what real runner do.

What is in store for you today? Do you have any morning routines?



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