Snowflakes and Painting the Parsonage

9 Jan

On top of all the busyness of yesterday the evening proved to stay the course. It was PTSO performance night for my eight year old, CB. My sister came over to pick up Girl Scout cookie forms (she sells them for us at her work) and to drop off a beautiful counted cross stitch topper she added to a stocking that my mother made years ago. She passed away before our youngest was born so she never personalized a stocking for her like she did for CB. My sister, who has her talent with a needle, did that for us this year.

We grabbed a hurried dinner at a local Greek and Italian place. So hurried I didn’t even think to take a picture. I had a gyro and Diet Coke. ~16 points plus. (Although I am not sure mine was actually that many points as I was able to add my own sauce and cheese. I usually use far less than a serving. I always count the highest points value given when I look up a food so there are no surprises.)

After dinner we went to the school performance. CB did very well. She used to be so shy she would never have gotten up on stage without protest. Last night she had a speaking part. Amazing what a year will do at that age!

After the meeting there were baths and things that need to be gathered for the next day…until I had missed my window to go run at our community center at the church. I was exhausted and it was late so I decided to switch my off day. I think I will have to change my new name to flexibility!


It felt nice to finally have a few ‘normal’ mornings under my belt. I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things. Kevin had a Men’s breakfast early this morning so it was just me and the girls. Even with two fewer hands CB still made the bus on time!


breakfast eggs and fruit

Two hard-boiled eggs~4 points plus, blueberries~0 points plus, and Arnold Sandwich Thins~3 points plus.

Preschool snowflakesAt the Preschool…

Paper snowflakes, fake Styrofoam snow, and shaving cream. It takes a lot of supplies to fake winter. I might have been cutting snowflakes like a mad woman for days.

salad bar salad


I love salad bars. I know some people get grossed out by self-serve food. I understand. But, I still love salad bars! I love salads but I don’t eat as many as I should at home because I don’t really like preparing the toppings. Salad Bar salad~6 points plus. I also had one chicken tender and a 1/4 cup of Mac-n-cheese from the hot bar~6 points plus.

Paint bucket

We live in a parsonage. What that means is we live in a house the church owns and maintains for their pastors. There are parsonage horror stories out there of neglect or interference but our church has provided nice a home for us and do a really good job of keeping it up. As you can imagine there are some pros and cons of to not owning your own home. Pro=you don’t have to worry about selling it when you are reappointed. Con= there is no chance to build up real estate equity and the lack of autonomy living in your own home brings.

The perks? They painted our dinning room today. It needed a fresh coat of paint. We got to pick out the color and some of the church maintenance staff came over and painted it this morning. Done. Do you know how long that would sit on a to-do list before it would get finished if it was us up to me?

Now if I could just get someone to come over and clean the house… I can dream big can’t I?

Do you have any home improvement projects looming?



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