Half Marathon Day

9 Jan

Wednesday is a full day in our household. In running terms Sundays are marathons for ministry families.  Wednesday are a half marathons.

I work at the Preschool on Wednesday mornings. Kevin and I lead a Disciple II bible studies from 4-5:30 on Wednesday afternoon. CB has children’s program from 4:45-5:45. From 5:45-6:30 we all ‘eat’ at Wednesday Night Supper. Really it is just shoving in bites as people walk up and want to chat and ask questions. Between spilled drinks, trips back and forth for each extra thing we need, and wrangling with the girls I feel like I walk about a mile during that meal.

Tonight we had spaghetti ~11 points plus.  There were a lot of trips for napkins. I got so focused on ‘public eating with the kids‘  that I forgot to snap a photo. I also had a small side salad~3 points plus.

Then, off to choir for the kids.

During that hour is when I have the only free hour I have during the whole day.  When it was bright outside in the evenings I would run through the neighborhoods around the church. I found a favorite 3 mile loop. A hilly, hard but engaging just over three-mile loop. Now it is dark. For awhile I gave into the darkness saying to myself, “It is too dark to run.  There are no sidewalks.”

Tonight I was determined. I sneaked into the CEC (our Christian Enrichment Center ie gym) that is closed on Wednesday nights because they use it for youth. It helps to be tight with the youth pastor…


I did the 5k run setting. It was not my favorite running experience but I fit it in. Check.

Once home the nightly Everest like climb to get the girls hydrated, cleaned, brushed, pajamaed (yes, I just made up that word), read to, pray for and in bed almost did me in. But, then I saw this sitting in our stack of mail from today…

photo (37)

Guess what I will be doing until bedtime tonight…which will probably be in about 10 minutes.

I earned 9 activity points today. Score. I think I am liking my ActiveLink. 

What are Wednesday like for you? What is your favorite magazine?


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