Track It Tuesday- First Weigh-In After Christmas

8 Jan

I recently started back to Weight Watchers. (You can read about that journey here). I decided that I would start a feature called Track it Tuesdays to hold myself accountable and share my journey with you. I picked Tuesday only because this is the day of my weekly meeting so it works for me.

This week’s  stats…

Weigh-in: =1.8 lbs.

Total lost: 3.2

Pounds til goal weight: 40.8

One Small Thing for this week:

  • track everyday everything!
  • meet my Activity goal each day!

I will not lie to you it was disappointing to be up almost two pounds this week. I knew it was coming. This is the first time I have weighed-in since Christmas (my meeting was closed because Christmas and New Year’s was one Tuesday this year).  Yes, I know I could have sought out another meeting.   Frankly, I did well to just keep breathing through this Christmas season.  It was not my best.  It was far from my worst but it had it challenges and I felt overwhelmed.  I ate those feelings. I ate like I was Mary and Joseph and I had just walked the roughly 100 miles to Bethlehem. I ate like a champion.

I can’t even imagine what that number would have been if I had not already started reigning in the crazy by blogging and tracking more faithfully.

+1.8 is not +10.  I got this.

How about you?  Have any Track it Tuesday success or struggles to share?


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