Cold Pizza and Laundry

7 Jan

Today we are officially back to our regular scheduled programming. My staff development days are over and I am back to my regular schedule at the preschool. The girls are back to their regular school schedules and all our mid-week activities start back up this week.  Deep breath.

Our three-year old is not transitioning back to her routine as well as I would like. We have had tears at ever drop off for the last two days. She is usually thrilled to go to childcare at church or go to school. Not so right now. It is not my favorite thing to walk away from my screaming child. I am very ready for her to remember she likes to be at those places.


photo (30)

Chobani plain Greek nonfat yogurt~3 points plus. Blueberries~0 points plus. Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls Multigrain Cereal 1/4 cup ~1 points plus. 1 teaspoon each chai and flax seeds~0 points plus (best I can tell). 1 tablespoon honey~2 points plus.

Since I used half of the yogurt yesterday I made my breakfast right in the container. I love it when I can use the yogurt container itself as a bowl.  One less dish to wash!

At Preschool we tried to teach two-year olds what snow is when none of them have ever seen it before…winter in the Deep South. Snow is right up there with the tooth fairy.



Left over cold pizza from the frig sans olives.  Glamorous, I know. 15 points plus (wow!)

However, I did graze after ZB finished her Annie’s Mac n Cheese.  I realized I do graze after my kids a good bit. This is something I need to be more conscious of and to be sure I am fully aware of those extra points I am eating. New rule: no eating over the sink!

Becoming aware of bad habits is part of the journey.

What am I going to be doing the rest of the day?…

photo (31)I’ll give you one guess.

Do you have a chore schedule? Any bad eating habits you have become aware of?


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