Happy Epiphany

6 Jan

Happy Sunday! Epiphany Sunday!

What is Epiphany Sunday? It the second Sunday after Christmas when we celebrate Jesus’ Lordship being revealed. Big Day!

It is a day of revelation. I hope you experience a revelation of your own in this New Year.


photo (28)

Chobani plain yogurt~3 points plus. Blackberries~0 points plus. Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls Multigrain Cereal 1/8 cup ~1 points plus. 1 teaspoon each chai and flax seeds~0 points plus (best I can tell). 1 tablespoon honey~2 points plus.


Chips and Salsa Huevos Rancheros

We grabbed lunch at a local Mexican joint. Sunday lunch is one of our go to dinning out meals. It is just too complicated to try to cook so we almost always go out to eat or at least pick something up to bring home.

First chips and salsa ~ 4 points plus for 1 oz of chips. Then Huevos Rancheros. ~11 points plus (I didn’t eat the tortillas that came with them).

What does the preachers family do after lunch? Take a nap! All of us!

Then off to youth this afternoon.

Do you have any Sunday rituals in your family?




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