Three Minutes in Heaven

5 Jan

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from one of Kevin’s previous youth. He has graduated from college and is moving to another state for his first real job.  I love it that when big things happen to these kids, who are now adults, they want to share it with us. Kevin was/ is a big part of their lives that they check in about the big things now. Precious.


Dinner was left overs… my plate looks like a pot roast but tasted very different.


Brown rice, black bean burger, sweet peas, and two roasted baby carrots~ 9 points plus.

I was asleep on the sofa by 9:30 with Johnny Football somehow making it into my dreams.

Saturday bliss= getting to sleep till 8 am.  I am not sure what got into my children but I am thankful!  I am taking full advantage of the cooler weather to sleep in before my long runs. In the summer it will 90 degrees by 8 am.


Sleeping in late and playing nicely together. It is a Saturday morning miracle.


My breakfast of champions. Light whole wheat toast ~2 points plus and poached egg ~2 points plus.

I love poached eggs but they take a while to prepare. So when I get out my poacher I go ahead and cook four eggs and then I put them in the frig for when I need a quick breakfast.

tip: under cook the eggs so when you reheat them they are how you like them. In my case slightly runny.

IMG_0256 IMG_0257

I ran seven miles today. There were moments when it was difficult to keep going. My knee was a little wonky (medical term) and my hip was still tight. During the second mile I was convinced I would not be able to do my planned seven. I told myself I could quit if I started limping.  If I didn’t need to limp I should keep going.  After as many knee surgeries and injuries I have had I can tell the difference between discomfort and real pain and I know the greater risk of injury changing your gate can cause.  I have a no limping rule. If you have to limp you have to stop!

I am so glad I kept running because during mile three I had three minutes of running bliss. My form was good. My pace felt strong. There was a great song on.  I felt heroic. It was wonderful.  I rarely feel those moments but when I do they are really special. So what if I ran 1:28 minutes total and I only had a really great three minutes.   It is those three minutes I will remember.  It is those three minutes that will get me out the door next time I don’t feel like running.

Lunch was left overs (BTW, I am DONE with my black bean burgers).  I had a black bean burger, poached egg (extra protein), blackberries, blue berries, grapes, and a cutie. I made a whole wheat English muffin on the side. ~10 points plus total. I had a Poweraid Zero after my run and a GU at mile 5. I don’t add my running fuel to my daily points because I don’t use the activity points I earn from exercising to eat more food.

What is on deck for the rest of the day? The putting away these Christmas decorations and general house cleaning.  I am working on my 100 things to clean out of my house this month. I have about 50 items so far. More purging to do!

But first, a nap!

Have you ever had running bliss? Any time-saving tips to help us eat healthier breakfasts?





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