Out on the Town

5 Jan

Kevin and I a bit of a date night tonight.  We had a gift certificate to a local place we have been meaning to try for sometime.

6th Street Pier, you did us well tonight. It is a fun locally owned place with a dark, cozy ambiance. The menu is mainly seafood with some southern favorites thrown in.

I had one of the specials surf and turf. I began with a house salad.


I gave Kevin my olives and he gave me his sun-dried tomatoes. It is the small things after 12 years of marriage. 0 points plus for the greens and few sun-dried tomatoes. 2 points plus for amount of dressing I used. I also had small slices of bread~3 points plus.

The entrée part of the special was a 6 oz rib-eye and blacken salmon. It was delicious. The steak was cooked just how I wanted it. The seasoning on the salmon was amazing.  I had steamed asparagus as my side.


Asparagus~0 points plus. Salmon~5 points plus. steak~10 points plus.

I split a bread pudding with Kevin. It was very yummy but rich we left some in the dish. It had a strong nutmeg flavor I like but it was heavy after a big dinner. Who am I? I never leave behind a dessert ~4 points plus for my part.

A night out and home by 9pm.  That is how we roll. Saturday night is a school night because Sundays are big days around our house.

Good night!


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