Short and Sweet aka My Internet is Out

3 Jan

I used my iPhone for this post. Sorry about any format glitches.

Back to work for me today. Luckily I have a three-minute commute because mornings are not my best showing. They usually involve a mad dash for the school bus and then to work. I have a long-term relationship with my snooze button. One day, one day I will become a morning person.

I postponed my morning run until this evening ( I know I swore I would wake up and run but my hip started tightening last night so I wanted to see what the day brought on that front).


Poached egg (that may or may not have blown up in the microwave when I reheated it this morning because I was so flustered I forgot to poke a hole in it), whole wheat English muffin, and a Cutie~5 points plus.
Off to my Safe Sanctuary training at the Preschool…and yes I did take two cups of coffee out to the car with me. One for my meeting and one to drink during my minute commute. I have a problem…


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