My Training Plan

3 Jan

I had the rare treat of having lunch with my husband.  You would think since as a pastor he has a flexible schedule and  because I am at home two days a week this would happen more. Unfortunately, no. However it was not all romance and rainbows. It began with a tantrum from our three-year old and ended with cold war like negotiations with her to eat her food.  In between we were able to squeeze in a few minutes of adult conversation.


photo (20) photo (19) photo (18)

Left over turkey and veggies soup with the most sour Granny Smith apples ever ~5 points plus + 0 points plus. Seltzer water (yes, I drink things other than coffee) and a mini blueberry scone from Publix for dessert~4 points plus.

Kevin and I are planning on running a race together in February, Run the Reagan half marathon. It is on February 16th. Just after Valentines Day. As a couple who doesn’t really do Valentines Day this is cutting edge marriage enrichment for us. This is our first race together since the Peachtree Road Race in 1999.

That was not our best day.

My husband, Kevin, is a natural athlete. He is good at just about anything he attempts. When we started dating I was a runner. I ran almost daily. I didn’t have any training plans or racing goals. Running just let me eat more than I should and stay in relative good shape. Kevin decided he would run with me as all good boy friends should, right? Well, not if they are very competitive people. He quickly got tired of my pace and wanted to push himself further and faster. The upside of running with him was that I pushed myself further and faster than I ever before. Enter the 10k Peachtree Road Race. My new-found running abilities inspired me to try a race and not just any race but the largest 10k in the world. As a native of Atlanta  it is an honor to have run the Peachtree and I wanted a t-shirt. I went from wanting to eat more dessert and still fit in my jeans to a racer, a real runner.

Well, long story short, me and about 50,000 of my closest friends got the t-shirt.

Peachtree T-shirts


Kevin was into running fast, racing. It was a race after all. I was more into a) not getting run over by said tens of thousands of people and b) just finishing.

Needless to say Kevin got his shirt first and he got to see my medical problem up close, “finish line cryism”.  Yes, it is a real thing. I have it. We will talk more about it later.

So, here we are almost 14 years later.

We are running our second race together.

It is funny what 14 years can do. I am perfectly fine with the fact that I have been running for a little over a year now and I am still very slow. I have a schedule. I try hard.  He started running last week after a long break. He will skunk me.  As in, go have the pasta lunch and comeback and see me finish, beat me. But, that is so OK.   I love it that he is interested in doing something that means a lot to me.  He will be there at the finish to see my “finish line cryism”.  Yes, it is still a real thing. He will cheer me on…even as he passes me.

So what is my plan to be ready for my first half marathon of the year and only second of all time.

First, I have to evaluate where I am in my ability level. Although this is my second half I still don’t have any time goals. Those will come one day. I am still in just the finishing phase of my racing career.

That being said I would like to finish strong, whatever that looks like on race day.

I am doing a combination of several training plans I researched online.

photo (12)

I am running M,T, Th, and long run on Sat. (As a pastor’s spouse Sundays are out for long runs or races so I use Sunday as my rest day and do my long runs on Sat.) 

I am cross training 3 days a week (T, W, Th) with two overlap days of Tuesday and Thursday as these are the days I am off from work and have the most time to train.  It was important to me to add a strength training component to my running. I have TERRIBLE core strength at this point in  my life and I think this is leading to some of the reoccurring issues I am having with my back.

Welcome Jillian…

photo (21)

it seems like we will be spending a lot of time together. I am not expecting us to be friends. Please don’t be mean to me. Thanks.

Do you have any race plans? Valentines Day plans?



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