From Coupons to Tagine

2 Jan

Once I had enough coffee in me and my to do list completed and my coupons clipped for my grocery run I was finally able  to face the day.


photo (10)

Poached egg, whole wheat English muffin with light butter, and fruit salad~5 points plus

The girls and I tackled a long list of errands in my attempted to get myself, our house, and our lives organized before school starts back tomorrow. Running errands with young children is in Dante’s Inferno somewhere. I am sure of it. I am exhausted. They are exhausted. I pushed naps back as far as I could and we still didn’t get everything done.

We took a pit stop for lunch…

photo (11)

We hit the local Subway along with everyone else in our small town. After waiting in line and mediating fights over chips, yogurt, and apples this is what I ended up with.  A 6 inch turkey flat bread without cheese and a side of apples~8 points plus.

I am starting a new emeals menu plan this week. I have switched to their Clean Eating Plan. Since almost my entire weekly menu consisted of fresh meat and veggies there was not a lot of deals to be had at the store this week. I save where and when I can so I can buy fresh food.

So on deck for tonight… Moroccan Tagine.  Have I ever made this before? No.  I do love international foods so here’s hoping for the win (ie someone other than me eats Moroccan Tagine for dinner tonight although Kevin requested this  for dinner tonight off our meal plan list).

What is your favorite international food?  How do you go about saving money?




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