Video Killed the Radio Star

1 Jan


photo (8)

How cute are these Baby Cuties?  0 points plus

They are the perfect size. My girls love them.  I might love them as well.  Moms can eat the snacks we buy for our kids.


We decided to go out to dinner with Kevin’s mom, aka Geemaw, on our way home from our visit. After weeks in hospitals, rehab, and nursing homes dinner was her pick. She picked well. I always love me some Longhorn.

photo (9)


I had a few Wild West Shrimp. I mainly eat the peppers since no one else in my family likes them. 3 points plus

photo (7)


I had a yummy dinner of 7 oz grilled salmon and seasonal veggies~9 points plus. Plain sweet potato~5 points plus.

On the hour + drive home the girls crashed out in the back seat and Kevin and I talked and listened to the radio. He has Sirius in his truck and we landed on the Lithium 90s grunge and alternative rock, channel.  After a few minutes I realized that we owned the CD of the song they were playing. And then the next. And the next. And next. Nine out of ten we had in our CD collection. Kevin even had one on tape. Yes, tape. We rocked the 90’s hard and apparently we could run our own radio station. If you know Kevin you know he has an uncanny knowledge of music. Perhaps he should moonlight as a DJ? Apparently just shuffle our iTunes and you have a killer 90s mix. Pastor by day/ King of the airwaves by night? Complicated business card but interesting lifestyle.

Football is on. Kids are asleep. All is well.

What is your favorite genre or era of music? What do you rock out to?





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