Out with the Old in with the New

1 Jan

Last run of 2012…Image

I wish I could say my last run of 2012 was a perfect run full of endorphins and sunbeams.  Instead it was cold, cloudy and painful (notice the slight grimace in my expression). It seems appropriate that it was a difficult run.  2012 has been a difficult year both on and off the roads. However, I persevered and I kept running. I began last January struggling to run 30 seconds and finished a half marathon this month. I just kept running.

Out with my old running shoes… I am/was emotionally attached to my old running shoes. They were my first ‘fancy’ pair of shoes. They were the first I was fitted for at a running store. I ran my first half marathon in them. We are friends.

But, shoes wear out.


I got these beauties with my Christmas money. (I might have told anyone who wanted to give me a gift to just give me cash for running stuff/entry fees)


I am looking forward to where these new running shoes will take me.

Looking forward to 2013 these are my goals for the New Year. I am still bouncing a few around in my head. If they percolate through the recess of my brain into something meaningful I will add them to my list.

My Goals for 2013


  • make my goal weight
  • be able to do 100 push ups
  • 4 half marathons this year

Emotional/ Mental:

  • focus on blogging
  • learn how to do something new
  • read at least one novel a month (one I haven’t read before 🙂 )


  • read the Bible in its entirety

Some of these things I have done before but I want to make them a priority this year (ie reading the Bible). Some items on this list seem impossible to me right now (I am looking at you 100 push ups).  Some are about actually doing the things I say I want to do (like making my goal weight and blogging more).

I am putting this out there because I think there is something meaningful in the process of clarifying the cluttered hopes of “I want to do better this new year” into an actual list of goals. If I have learned anything from 2012 I learned I can do big things if I take baby steps to get there.

Happy Baby Steps, friends.

What are your goals for 2013?


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