Track It Tuesday

13 Nov

Last week I started back to Weight Watchers. (You can read about that journey here). I decided that I would start a feature called Track it Tuesdays to hold myself accountable and share my journey with you. I picked Tuesday only because this is the day of my weekly meeting so it works for me.



This week’s  stats…

Weigh-in: -3.6 lbs.

Total lost: 3.6

Pounds til goal weight: 40.8

One Small Thing:

  • drink 64-80 oz water a day (this will help with my hydration during running–something I am still struggling with)


Did you know that for each pound of weight loss you reduce the pressure on your knees by four pounds? 

Messeier’s study [2005] concluded that for every 1 lb. of weight loss that occurred, there was a resulting 4-lb. reduction in knee joint load or knee pressure.  Furthermore, it was suggested that individual who lost 10 lbs. would be subject to a total of 48,000 less pounds of pressure for every mile they walked.

As a person who has multiple knee surgeries this factoid  is mind-blowing to me. Can you imagine the decrease in pounding my knees could take on runs?

So I have already reduced my pressure on my knees by 14.4 lbs! Talk about motivation!

I am not worried about losing weight to get faster mile times; I want a lighter joint load mile! (and maybe a little faster too!)

How about you? Any motivation to work a little harder this week at meeting your goals? Have any Track it Tuesday success or struggles to share?


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