In Favor of Treats

31 Oct

Trick or Treat!

Working at the Preschool has enlightened me to a much more complex Halloween than I am accustomed to. I do well to get a pumpkin carved and any decorations beyond that is a true win.  However, for two solid weeks we have been making Miss Muffet Spiders, Foot Print Ghost, Pattern pumpkins,  etc at school. Who knew this many Halloween crafts exist (I blame Pintrest)?  

I knew I would never be a “sow handmade costumes” kind of mom but I at least thought I could hold my own with my hand decorated cupcakes. I now realize I am a Single A Halloween Mom in a Major League World. This, I am completely OK with. Craft, decorate, and bake on Major League Moms, I will just watch the show!

I know people have a complicated relationship with Halloween. What is the church supposed to do? Is it evil? I think it is what you make it and we try to make it fun. No scary or ‘evil’ costumes, movies, decorations are allowed in our home.  We stick more to princesses and kitty cats, or whatever we have in the dress up bucket and away from demons and witches. My girls are the kind who don’t like to be scared so these guidelines work for us. It’s all good clean fun!  Who doesn’t like to dress up and get candy? I do. That is why I took my children trick-or-treating as infants. Who gets to eat the candy? Mom does (and Daddy too if he is fast enough).

You know what my favorite part of Halloween is? It officially introduces pumpkin season. You know the time of year it is acceptable to put pumpkin in everything. Yum! Pumpkin Spice Latte…my bank account and waistline are thankful I live 30 minutes from the closest Starbucks.

Last night I went for a run. Well, to be honest I tried to go on a run. I ran 1.5 miles and when a wind gust blew me into a curb I was done. I can do rain, heat, and even snow (I can boast about this since it snows once a year where I live) but wind is a no go. A NO GO!

Is it ridiculous that I am trying to figure out a way to fit in trick-or-treating with the family, Wednesday Night Dinner at church (so I don’t have to cook), and sneaking in a run before it gets too dark?  Maybe I can wear my running duds to go trick-or-treating and run home. I could be the crazy lady out running over children on the side walks. Maybe if I wear a cape?  Obviously my plan needs work….might be a treadmill night.

How about you? What are your Halloween plans?


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