Let’s catch up!

30 Oct

So, it has been awhile.

I have had a few set backs in the last two months that put my little world on the express train to crazy town.

The following ‘incidents’ have occurred (in no particular order-because frankly trying to remember the order is just too hard).

  • Hard drive on computer died. No, it was not backed up. (Insert judgemental comment here and then go back up your computer).
  • Dislocated my pelvis. A fun-filled reoccurring problem I have from CB’s delivery. Flat on my back for a week. Off the streets (aka running) for almost six weeks.
  • CB has had an illness streak of the flu, tonsillitis, and pneumonia. Thankfully she got a clean bill of health this week!
  • My lovely Great Aunt Francis passed away. Living to be 102 she was the last of her generation in our family. It has made me sad.
  • Had to drop out of my first half marathon (see bullet point #2).
  • Celebrated both my girls, my husband’s, and my birthday in the parade of cake we call September October.

Ok. So I think that about catches us up…

Saturday was my first ‘long’ run since the dislocated pelvis. I have been running for just over two weeks now slowly trying to build back up my mileage.  I will not lie.  It has been very hard. There is nothing quite as defeating as feeling like you are starting over at square one.  However, my legs are coming back–slowly– and I was able to pound out eight miles Saturday morning.

Post 8 mile glow. 1:20 mins 10:21 pace.

I didn’t say it was pretty!

I have had to adjust a few things. I use the Galloway method because of my injury history. It has worked for me and opened running doors that I thought were long since closed.  I switched from a 4:1 training and 4:2 long-run run/walk ratio before my injury to a 2:1 ratio.  Is this where I really wanted to be at this point? No. Is it where I am? Yes. Surprisingly, my overall pace has dropped since my return to the pavement. A fact I am very proud of.

5.5 Weeks to Kiawah!

Anybody else had some sets backs lately? 


2 Responses to “Let’s catch up!”


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