The New Normal

28 Aug

On Saturday I was scheduled to run an 11 mile long run. My longest to date. I charged my phone. Downloaded a map. Filled my water bottle and packed my Gu. Image

No amount of preparation could take away the fact that I went to bed with tired, sore legs Friday night and they didn’t feel any better when my alarm went off at 6:00 am the next morning. As a heaved myself out of bed that old familiar voice started in my head, “You will never be able to do this. Just go back to bed. What were you thinking even trying to train for a half marathon?” I did want to stay in bed. At that moment I did feel silly for even trying this crazy thing. But, I got up. I got dressed. I laced up my shoes.

Something has happened to me in the last eight plus months of running. I have found a new normal. It would NEVER have been normal for me to get up early on a Saturday. It would have NEVER been normal for me to prepare of an 11 mile run. Yet, here I am, experiencing my new normal. Not my new easy, just my new normal.

When I started trying to run in January 2012 I could barely run a minute and a mile was completely out of the question. It took me a long time to work up to three miles. When I finally did I felt like I had accomplished the unattainable. I was triumphant.

Saturday I could only run three miles. I felt like a failure. Ironic that what was once impossible has become a letdown. Then I remembered my new normal. I got up early on a Saturday morning. I prepared for an 11 mile run. My legs hurt and I was sore but I tried anyway. I didn’t finish my scheduled run but I tried. I only stopped because of knee pain. I didn’t give into the voices.

I like my new normal.

I wonder what will become normal next?

Do you have a new normal as well?


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