Cramming It All In

22 Aug


Last night’s run: Three miles in 31:15 or 10:38 pace.  According to my training schedule I was supposed to run 5 miles but I was beat after a crazy day! PR 3 mile time to date!  I would’ve shown you a screen shot of my stats but I can’t get Map My Run to save my run data on my phone. I need help!


Things have gotten a little hectic around our house this week. Back to school has been its own special kind of crazy. I used to be a teacher so you think I would be good at this, but somehow I am always scrambling for school supplies and all the other things we have to gather to get our kids ready for a new year. My poor Cavender still doesn’t have a lunch box and we are in week two of school!


AND THE PAPER! I have a three-inch stack of papers (and climbing)  that I need to be read, filled out, or processed in some way and I only have one child in public school! I am already searching for a better way to manage all the paper. The cascading stack on my kitchen counter is not cutting it.

To add to all of that chaotic fun I started back to ‘work’ this week. I use the term loosely because compared to what I have done in the past or what others do everyday it seems a little absurd to call my 12 hour a week gig as a Preschool Teacher’s Aide work. However, working with two-year olds is exhausting.  It will keep my young, right? I think it will be fun and I will have the same hours that Zarah Belle is in preschool so no childcare will be needed! Win-win!

Now the rubber hits the road for me. For the last three years I have been at home with my daughters. Yes, being a stay at home is a lot of work and some days grueling but I always had some limited control over my time. This week has made me realize just how crazy it can/will get here in my little world. School, work, church activities, and extra curricular activities (coaching will be a post later on) have all officially began this week.  How am going to get it all done? (and continue to train for my half marathons coming up?)  The panic has started to creep up from my stomach a few times but then I remember this is life, my life, and I can do it. I have more to give others when I am active in the community. I am a healthier person when I am engaged.

Yes, the sink will probably be full of dishes until Christmas.

Yes, we won’t even talk the state of my bathrooms.

Yes, there will be days that I don’t get to blog even though I really enjoy it.

Yes, I will keep running even if it is at crazy hours.

Yes, I will make time to read to my girls from the Bible each night and give plenty of kisses.

Yes, I will make my husband and my marriage a priority no matter how busy I get.

Yes, I will try my best to make healthful meals for my family.

Yes, some projects will get shifted to the back burner but I will continue to par down our possessions and simplify our things.

I believe the key will be to find a balance. I also have to remember that a balanced life is not a one and done kind of thing. Each month, week, or day looks very different from the one before it so I have to keep adjusting, balancing so my life is well lived.

It boils down to Love God, Love my Family, Love Others.

See it is only three things.

I can do three things.

Is back to school crazy around your house? How do you manage all that paper? Any goals, fresh starts for this school year?


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