The Parsonage Life: Saturdays

18 Aug

Got in my first long run since I took a break from training for a little over a month.  It was a long, slow seven miles but it actually felt pretty good. 29 days to go until my first half-marathon. I am behind in my training. It is OK. I never thought I would be able to do a half-marathon so a finish is a win for me.

I left the house in stillness of predawn and returned to a wide awake crew. This could give you an indication as to how long it took me to run those seven miles.  Kevin was beginning breakfast for the girls, the dog, and the cat.  We had the beauty of a long day ahead of us with nothing on the calendar which is very unusual for us. So much so I ask Kevin to double-check just to be sure we weren’t missing something.

I poured a second cup of coffee.

I made a killer to do list.

That is still undone.

This day was going to be fun and productive. I had visions of a clean house, a trip to the park, a nap, and a painting project dancing through my head.

The rain came during our trip to the park which knocked out two of my visions right there. Yet, like so many of our Saturdays it has slipped into the prep day for Sunday. Kevin has already run to the church twice to do those things that must be done for Sunday worship. He has a pastoral care visit to do this afternoon. These things are so very important. Kevin must go into those sacred moments of births, deaths, and life and share hope and love with the families of our congregation.  There are bulletins to print and worship slides to finalize.  So if our Saturday is preparation for Sunday and Sunday is a very special day of work then when do Ministers and their families have a Sabbath? When do they rest? Does anyone do that anymore in our culture of busy? Kevin is more of the Energizer Bunny he can just keep going and going. I, however, begin to get worn down.  I don’t do my best.

God told us to rest on the seventh day and Jesus told us to go make disciples of all nations. I don’t think you can do later without doing the first.

To my other PS’s (Pastor Spouses) out there how does your family handle the challenge of Sabbath when there is such a great work to do?

How do you create a Sabbath space in your schedule?


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