Cheaper than Knee Surgery

16 Aug

I got my morning run in. This is always a victory for me. I am not a morning person. Let me repeat that for the proper emphasis. I am NOT a morning person! Yet, I have found if I don’t do it in the morning then I just don’t do it. Besides it is too stinking HOT later in the day.

Run stats: 3.4 miles 12:43 pace, 4.7 MPH

My new running bling…


an expensive but good pair of running shoes. I got fit for these the other day at a local running store. It was a real splurge for me but I rationalized by saying they are cheaper than knee surgery. True. Very true.

Dear New Brooks Shoes,

You have a lot of long slow miles ahead of you. You will have the glory of carrying me to my first 1/2 Marathon finish line. Please lay off the blisters. I appreciate the way you support my knees and flat feet however the skin on the back of my heels would like you to take it easy. I promise to do my part by using different socks tomorrow. I assume you will do you part to fix the problem as well.


The slow Mama who bought you

What is your biggest sports/ hobby related splurge?


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