Off to the Races

15 Aug

I began running (use this term proudly but loosely) in January. It was a definite fork in the road for me. I was heading down a path that did not bring me joy or confidence in myself . It took me a while to realize I was even on that path and when I finally did it took me even longer to muster the courage to do anything about it. In recent years it seems I have had more disappointments than successes. The idea of starting something that I might not be successful at created that hurricane of fear in the pit of my stomach. Yet, finally something clicked and I began. SLOWLY.


I am now seven plus months into this running adventure.

Here are the ins and outs of what I have learned/experienced so far:

  • running did not mean that I dropped a ton of weight…. Let me tell you I wish this was so but so far any weight loss has been very slow and gradual.
  • I can tell a real difference if I have slacked on drinking plenty of water. Drinking water is a simple way to make a difficult thing much easier.
  • food is fuel. I need to have a more balanced diet. I feel tired when I haven’t eaten well.
  • I have let go of past running benchmarks and abilities and stopped haunting myself with the ghost of ‘what I used to…”. Since those years I have had two large babies delivered by C-section, a dislocated pelvis, a broken foot, and seven knee surgeries. I am just thankful to be running at any pace!
  • I enjoy racing, or rather running in races. Let’s not kid ourselves I am never a contender but I am a finisher! It gives me something concrete to train for and the atmosphere is a lot of fun.
  • it is OK to be flexible and take a break or adjust my training schedule. Life happens, especially for wives and mothers!
  • a good pair of shoes makes all the difference.
  • I get intimidated by other runners because they are so much faster or thinner.
  • I am a fan of the run/walk method. It has allowed me to do more than I otherwise would have been able to do.
  • running has become a door through which many other changes are clamoring to get in. I am interested to see where it takes me.

Is there a new path you want to be on?

If you have already started making changes what have you learned? We can share in each other successes and learn for each other challenges!


3 Responses to “Off to the Races”


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