101 Greatest Books- Pride and Prejudice #2

7 Feb

Going through the 101 Greatest Books List put together by the College Board. Their original list is in alphabetical order. I am approaching it in no particular order of my own….

Jane Austen and I became friends late in life. I completely missed her in my British lit classes and since I have always gravitated toward American Literature I never pursued a relationship with her. She was one of those writers who fell somewhere between Shakespeare and the Brontës and unbelievably I don’t think I ever cracked one of her novels until grad school.

At some point I caught part of the Masterpiece Theater Pride and Prejudice epic movie with Colin Firth. I have always loved Colin Firth and I think my crush on him drove me to the novel. So it began.

The Bennets, Darcy, and even Mr Bingley began to dance in my head and invade my dreams. I fell in love with them and their beautiful, small world. Then, when the darkness of the decline and death of my mother began to be my world I fought off my grief and sadness with Jane and the world she seemingly created just for me. Kevin bought me her entire works bound in one book. It is a beast of a book but one of my most beloved. Her characters befriended me then and still captivate me today after too many rereads to count.

I love the wit of Jane Austen. I retreat to her novels, especially P&P, to keep my wits about me.


One Response to “101 Greatest Books- Pride and Prejudice #2”

  1. Kelly Efurd Lawson February 8, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    I just reread this this past summer! So great!!

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