It has been too long

25 Jul

I have started a thousand blog posts in my head. I am always composing life in some way or another. Some people work in numbers. I work in narratives.

I have to say some of my thoughts have been good; others have been painful, and some I consider to be inspiring. Yet, because they have gone unwritten they have gotten lost in the clutter of my over-filled, under-worked mind.

Interruptions have become a way of life for me. So now I am giving myself permission to interrupt to create space to write.

I hope it will be so….if you could convince my girls it is ok for Mommy to have quiet moment it would be helpful.


One Response to “It has been too long”

  1. Leslie February 12, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    Maybe you should tell them that Mommy is in "time out". Of course they may try to take your computer away from you 😦

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