Bodacious Broads

15 May

Setting: Mother’s Day 2008; Dacula, GA

Characters: Rebecca (me), Roxanne (sister), and Lela (mother), various other wonderful ladies of the Bodacious Broads Chapter of The Red Hat Society and their lovely daughters and daughters-in-law.

Exposition: Two hour drive with my mom, sister, and broken foot cross country to avoid Atlanta traffic.

Climax: Adorning our pink (or red if you are over 50 years old) hats and walking up to a predominately men’s golf club for our annual Mother’s Day brunch.

Resolution: Realization that the heavy burden of expectation of my attendance at the annual event (“come hell or high water” as my father says) was worth the hassle of the long drive with said broken foot (i.e. hell or high water) to spend those moments with my precious mother and her amazing friends.

Sequel: The hope that next year will bring together those same faces from all over the country to honor our mothers and share in their friendship. The prayer that one day I will share a similar moment with my own daughter.


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