The Seed

5 Mar

Is it a seed of thought that grounds us, roots us to those around us?
Or is growth the sequence of actions that are produced from something urging to be born from within us?

I wanted a tomato sandwich– the seed of thought was planted. But will it fall on untended soil like so many of my thoughts. Will it bear fruit?

So I have been planning a garden this spring.
I have decided on tomatoes.

The work of gardening will have to be done… or I will have to fill myself on the empty thoughts of good intentions.

I know the smell of those sticky vines will make me sick for home. But the joy of tomato sandwiches- the delightful combination of the freshest of white bread, mayonnaise, tomatoes, salt and pepper- packed onto the roof of my mouth will make it worth the sadness that smelly vine will produce.

Tomatoes…. grow little seeds.


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