It is too cold to wear pajamas to school… or is it?

5 Mar

Today it is cold.

Very cold.

I have said, ” This is the coldest I have ever been” at least twice today and I think five times in one day is my record. That day involved ice.

So it is cold. I feel like I really have to establish this fact.

I am ready for spring. I am formally protesting the late arrival of spring in Kentucky by already switching to spring footwear. This small but important willful act has indeed increased my feeling of walking around on blocks of ice. Yet, sock-less and frozen my claustrophobic feet are proclaiming it is time for sunshine and warm weather and I feel good about the claim.

Maybe, just maybe, it will flip-flop weather by the weekend… at least in the house.

Today is pajama day!
Did you know this? Or as Cavender says, “How do you know this mama?” Cavender’s school calendar has it clearly labeled on March 5th, Pajama Day. I have been attending or teaching in schools for most of my life and I do not recall an official pajama day until today. What was I missing?
Perhaps all those things that a pre-schooler does in a day at school will be better– a little more pleasurable because it is pajama day.
I know nap time should be better.


One Response to “It is too cold to wear pajamas to school… or is it?”

  1. KellyLawson22 March 16, 2008 at 5:32 pm #

    Okay, I LOVED Pajama Day at school– seriously. I clearly remember Pajama Day all throughout elementary school. It was SO much fun! I am so sorry that Georgia did not have this great day built into the calendar. I am a fan.

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